On Thursday, the Association of Presidential Amnesty Programme Vendors  (APAV)  accused the Accountant-General of the Federation (AGF) and some staff of the Amnesty Office of alleged involvement in the delayed payment of allowances and scholarship funding for ex-militants being trained under the Presidential Amnesty program.

Kingsley Kuku, a Special Advisor to the Amnesty Office of the President, pleaded with the ex-militants to remain calm. A special program called the Niger Delta Amnesty Programme was instituted to help ex-militants involved in the violence get re-acquainted with society.

These delayed payments from key personnel staff of the Presidential Amnesty office have caused much anger from those who were promised assistance

The APAV alleged that the preliminary investigation showed that the delay in the payment of allowances was provoked by the Mr. Ayoola Peters, Director of Finance and Accounts (DFA). Amnesty advocates continue to voice their concerns of the negligence of many militants that don’t have much other support to rely on.  

"The situation is causing untold hardship and  suffering of thousands of young Niger Delta students around the world. Many of them have been stopped or about to be stopped from attending classes due to non-payment of tuition while some are been evicted from their accommodation due to non-payment.

"In view of  the sensitive nature and the National Security challenges of the Niger Delta Amnesty programme, the Presidential Amnesty Programme Vendors Association led by Dr. Amgbakuromor Youbeni wish to call on President Buhari to  allow Hon. Kingsley Kuku to continue running the affairs of the office pending the nomination of his successor."

In addition, the delayed payment of allowances and scholarship funding inhibits the ex-militant's complete re-integration into society.

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