Boko Haram’s Improvised Explosive Devices (IED’s) exploded yesterday in Borno State, a region that was ravaged by the insurgents.

The explosion killed at least three soldiers, one mobile police, and 3 others. The attack took place near Alagarino village, according to sources.

The IEDS were planted alongside the Damboa - Biu roads where the military accompanied PHCN staffs to repair damaged electricity lines.

Local reports suggest that the wife of the late Mopol suffered from shock upon hearing the news of her husband. She could not be convinced of the explanation given to her by the colleagues of her late husband when she arrived to the post of his primary assignment.

A security source informed SaharaReporters correspondents “it was a horrible accident.

“The vehicle was damaged beyond recognition.

“However, three soldiers survived it but they were seriously injured,” they added.

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