The Kaduna State Government today shut down two churches, schools and a hospital belonging to the Assemblies of God Church in the state on account of the leadership tussle in that church

Nasir El-RufaiNasir El-Rufai

Samuel Aruwan, speaking for Governor Nasir Ahmad El-Rufai, disclosed this in a statement issued in Kaduna, the state capital, saying the decision came from the Kaduna State Security Council at its meeting yesterday.

He said the leadership crisis ravaging the national leadership of the church recently surfaced in the Saminaka District of the church, and that the conflict is degenerating into a threat to the peace and stability of the state.

Affected by the order are:

  • Theological Seminary of Northern Nigeria, Saminaka.
  • Shalom Secondary School, Saminaka
  • Assemblies of God Church, Nmbare, Saminaka and 
  • Assemblies of God Church (Jerusalem) Saminaka Clinic


According to Aruwan, the Council observed that the leadership crisis has led to disintegration of order in the church, and raised tensions between the followers of the rival camps. It has also extended to the students of the church-owned school and seminary, who are now split and divided on factional lines.

"The Council reviewed previous efforts made to resolve the crisis. It noted that these were aborted by those involved in the leadership tussle, principally to preserve their personal interests with no little concern for the common good, and the peace and security of Kaduna State. The Council unanimously agreed that if left unchecked, the growing tension may degenerate into total breakdown of law and order in the said area, with the potential to spread to other parts of the state. “

As a result of the closures, he said those who may be affected will be admitted into government schools or hospitals, as the case may be. 

"The Council also directed that the status quo with regard to farmland, houses and other assets by the church be upheld pending resolution of the leadership crisis, which is a matter before the Supreme Court,” the statement noted.   

The government warned that it will not tolerate the use of religion and ethnicity to cause crisis in the state, and that it will prosecute anyone who is implicated in fomenting crisis in whatever form throughout its jurisdiction.

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