Thousands of civil servants from the Ondo State government on Tuesday staged a protest over delays in the payment of their salaries and allowances. 

Ondo State JNC Chairman, Sunday Adeleye Addressing protesting workers

The workers called for the immediate sack of the Ondo State Accountant General, Fredrick Ajibokun, who was picketed ‎for neglecting to pay their salaries.

Many of the workers have voiced frustration that they have not received their salary despite the bailout funds allocated by the Federal Government to Ondo State.

Most of the protesters speaking with SaharaReporters insulted Governor Mimiko, accusing his government of fraud and theft.

During the solidarity march on Tuesday, the protesting workers blocked the road and main entrance tp the Account General’s office ‎while they chanted for several hours. 

Most protesters were armed with placards and sang anti-Mimiko songs throughout the protest. 

"Ondo Govt where is our bail-out money," "Ajjibokun, Accountant General must go," "The hardship is getting worse," “N14. 68 Billion bail-out fund fixed by Mimiko," was written on many of their signs. Protesting Workers in Ondo State

The ‎leader of the Ondo State Joint Negotiating Public Service Council (JNC), Sunday Adeleye, who was also at the protest spoke with SaharaReporters.

Mr. Adeleye said, “surprisingly, the State government should have directed the Accountant General to effect payment but it failed. I called the Accountant General to confirm payment but he wouldn't take my calls.” 

Mr. Adeleye said the refusal of the Accountant General to take his calls ‎signals a wrong impression on workers salaries, which is another reason to protest at his office according to him. 

"We are demanding the immediate removal of the Accountant General. ‎He has got to the peak of his career and I think this is the best time for him to leave the position. We want someone who is concerned with the yearnings of the people,” he added. 

SaharaReporters contacted the State Accountant General for his ‎comment but instead he switched off his mobile line.

One of his aide who was also contacted told our correspondent that  "my boss can only talk when the governor is around" adding that the issued at hand is beyond the Accountant General of the State.

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