In a three page report the civil society group Agents for Change and Corruption Free Nigeria charges that the Permanent Secretary of the Health Management Board of Delta State, Dr. Ms. Caroline Ajuya, has committed gross human rights violations, as well as fraud and corruption.  The organization detailed several charges against Dr. Ajuya ranging from cronyism to the use of foul language against employees of the Health Management Board and its hospitals in violation of civil service policies.

Governor Ifeanyi Okowa

The report begins with the charge that Dr. Ayuja illegally seized control of one of the Cooperative Societies on the board.  Dr. Ajuya’s power grab was possible through the appointment of one of her conies, Ms. Onyenekunu Gladys, as treasurer despite protests from the other members of Cooperative Society.  

Due to Ms. Gladys’ influence Dr. Ajuya became a “direct beneficiary of loans and other perks,” the report says.  The report also called upon the Delta State Governor Ifeanyi Okowa as well as the financial members of the hospital management board to intervene on behalf of hospital workers. 

The report painted a grim picture of Dr. Ajuya’s nine-year reign as PS; accusing her of verbally and physically abusing staff members. She has been known to refer to the Chief Accountant as an “incompetent fool.”

According to the group, Ms. Gladys is also abusive and has been accused of slapping  one of her staff members, Ms. Okuchwu, and was sued by another for calling her a prostitute. 

Despite only arriving to work on Mondays and Thursdays, Dr. Ajuya demands extreme timeliness from the rest of her employees who face suspension or dismissal for lateness.  The report alleged that her petty demands for promptness lead to the accidental car death of a Mr. Edafe. Mr. Edafe, who was a high-ranking member of the HMB, was rushing back from his family home to return to his post and sadly perished in a fiery car crash.

Such a brutal and hypocritical management style led to the resignation of several qualified professionals such as Dr. Nwanzu , Dr. Jemikalaja , Ms. Bofede (MSC),  and Dr. Kolo from the hospital. 

According to the report competence is not rewarded by Dr. Ayuja but  cronyism and loyalty.  Ms. Gladys, accused of slapping and verbally abusing several staff members, has been rewarded by Dr. Ajuya rather than punished.  Another of Dr. Ajuya’s allies, Mr. Azuka O, was indicted in 2014 by a SaharaReporters for the embezzlement of millions of Naira.  However, Dr. Ajuya stepped in and stage-managed the entire trial. 

The report concludes with the following plea: “We cannot enumerate the many ills of Dr. Ajuya but we call on the Governor of Delta State His Excellency Senator Ifeanyi Okowa, the Commissioner for Health Delta State to wade into the many excesses of this lady as it not only rubbishes the ethics of the civil service but robs us of the impeccable leadership qualities of our Governor."

Governor Okowa has not yet responded to the allegations outlined in this report or the abuses of Dr. Ajuya. 

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