Two suspects linked to the October 2nd bombings in Nyanya and Kuje, FCT were arrested Tuesday by the Nigerian Police.  The October 2nd bombings killed 20 people and injured 21 others. 

Inspector general of Police, Solomon Arase

The Inspector General of Police (IGP) Solomon Arase confirmed the arrest of the two bombers, aged 25 and 27, at the Conference of Senior Police Officers where he also noted that the two suspects hailed from Kogi State. 

Mr. Arase indicated that the arrest had foiled another planned attack in Abuja by the two suspects. He announced that 12 Homemade Explosive Devices (HEDs) as well as 28 pieces of electronic detonators were recovered from the suspects. These HEDs were allegedly hidden in several soft drink cans. 

Mr. Arase seemed optimistic about the arrest stating that, “the suspects are aiding detailed police investigations into broad terror network and will face justice.”

Mr. Arase assured the public that the police would continue to deploy its resources to ensure public safety.  However, he noted that public safety also depended upon public cooperation with the police.  He also pleaded with the media to continue its support of the police, so that the police could achieve the national security and crime reduction sought by the present administration.  

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