On Friday student protesters descended upon the Union Buildings, the official offices of South African President Jacob Zuma in Pretoria.

South African Police Attack Student Protesters

After more than a week of police brutalization including tear gas, stun grenades, and arbitrary arrests the demonstrators learned that President Zuma would not allow university fee increases for next year.  

Universities across the country had proposed a 11.6 percent fee increase, claiming that the increase was necessary to maintain international standards.  However, critics said the price jump would further disadvantage the black majority, which is already underrepresented in tertiary education.

In response to the proposed fee increases, thousands of students united under the #FeesMustFall campaign which began to trend on social media globally. The campaign attracted such a strong international following, that students across the world protested outside of South African embassies.  The campaign is now calling for free tertiary education for all. It was the #FeesMustFall campaign which organized the latest protest outside President Zuma’s offices.  

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