The Association France Presse (AFP) reported that two bomb blasts rocked the semi-autonomous island of Zanzibar of Tanzania late Friday night.

Army Officials Inspect Bomb Blasts In Zanzibar

The explosions occurred in the historic Stone Town at a busy roundabout, and sent people running for cover according to witnesses. The bomb blasts are the latest news of unrest following the annulment of this week's presidential elections in Zanzibar and Tanzania.

Earlier in the week Zanzibar’s electoral commission announced its decision to annul the elections citing violations of electoral law. This announcement came after a key candidate, Seif Sharif Hamad of the opposition party Civic United Front (CUF), declared himself the winner of the presidential elections prior to the results being officially announced.

According to the AFP Mr. Hamad threatened to call for protests if the annulment of the election is not reversed by Monday.

Historically Zanzibar has been a hotbed of radical and violent opposition politics, in a country not known for political violence.  Zanzibar was the scene of the worst post election violence during the past two election cycles. Many Zanzibaris desire full autonomy from Tanzania. Campaigning for complete independence was one of the primary platforms of the CUF Party.   

On the mainland, John Magufuli of the Chama Cha Mapidunzi (CCM) Party was declared the winner of the Tanzanian presidential elections on Thursday.  The CCM has ruled the country since it gained independence in 1961.

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