According to NBC News, a Liberian teenager succumbed to Ebola, becoming the first person to die of the virus since the country declared itself Ebola-free over the summer.  

Ebola Virus

The boy, Nathan Gbotoe, died on Monday according to Liberia's chief medical officer Francis Kateh.

The virus’ reappearance confused health experts, who noted that there are no other known Ebola cases in the immediate area.  More than 100 people who had contact with the family of Nathan Gbotoe have been placed under surveillance, including 10 health workers.  

Thus far, Liberia has been declared Ebola twice, the last known case of Ebola was in July. Since the outbreak occurred in the West African region in March 2014 more than 28,000 have been infected with 11,300 having died of the virus. 

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