The latest poll in the Republican Party is still showing Donald Trump, the most unelectable candidate, leading the pack by double digits. He has continued to do so for more than three months which is a first in American history the last time I checked.

Dr. Wumi Akintide

This development proves to me that a powerful cross section of the radical right in the Republican Party are hell-bent on doing something different in this election cycle. They distrust conventional politicians and put their trust in less experienced ones like Trump and Carson who speak before they think.

That is about the only rational explanation I can find for the insurgency of Donald Trump who has been talking a lot of trash that would have been considered a heresy in past elections in America.

The other plausible explanation I can find in the Trump insurgency is “fear mongering” more so among the Republicans and conservatives who love war more than they cherish peace because they benefit more from war than the Democrats.

Donald Trump, who professes to be the smartest and the brightest man in America, tells his Republican base what he thinks they want to hear by telling them his goal is “to make America great again” How is he going to make America great again? He says he wants to do it by making America so great and formidable that no other super powers like Russia and China and even nuclearized North Korea would never dare to challenge America.

He forgets that in this age of globalization there is no country, however powerful, that would not need the cooperation of the international community to succeed and to get to where it needs to be.  

There is no way in the world that America can fight and defeat ISIS all by herself. America would have no choice than to chicken out and beat a retreat when the body bags start coming back to America in coffins draped with American flags like happened in Vietnam.

Republicans and Donald Trump are trying to lure Obama and the Democrats into a war they have to know is unwinnable. Donald Trump in particular is going on a mission impossible and putting America in serious danger of self-destruction by urging America to declare war on Islam and not only the radical terrorists who threaten America.

He is urging America to build walls rather than bridges to the rest of the world. He says America has to be tough, has to be smart and has to be vigilant and the way he wants to do that is to kill all the Muslims in the world forgetting that America herself has become a melting pot. If Trump kills all the Muslims, he would be killing Americans as well because there are millions of Muslims in America. Is that the kind of President America needs at this point in our history? You guess is as good as mine. It is a resounding “No”

That is exactly why I said the simple question to America is not what is in her wallet as made popular in a TV commercial I see every day. The pertinent questions America ought to be asking are what I intend to briefly articulate with the remaining segments of this article if you bear with me.

Does America need to go back to war in the Middle East again so soon after more than 10 years of War in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya? Shouldn’t America count the cost of going to such a war, after all, the huge losses in men, money, and material they have incurred in the most volatile region of the world?

Is Iraq better off today than it was under their maximum dictator, Saddam Hussein?

Baghdad under Saddam Hussein was a rock of stability and a beauty to behold. Petroleum sold for less than 10 cents a gallon as I recall in a land flowing with milk and honey, so to speak. It is a different story today in Iraq. The relic of the Persian Empire which enjoyed the agrarian benefits of the River Tigris and Euphrates has been crippled and reduced to an effigy of her former self.

By the time ISIS is completely defeated, Iraq as we used to know her might be no more as the Kurds to the North are going to ask for complete autonomy and become a major threat to Turkey as they go forward. You can be sure that Iraq would never be the same again.

I guess we could say the same thing of Afghanistan which was once described as “The graveyard of Empires” because the former Soviet Union at the peak of their power tried to dominate and reform Afghanistan but could not do it. They had to withdraw in total humiliation and ignominy with their tail in between their legs as they beat a retreat back to the Kremlin.

Does America need to put American boots to go it alone against ISIS?. My resounding answer is “Hell No” American desires peace more than they should pursue war because war destroys the American economy and American infrastructures and it makes more enemies for America around the world.

Is Donald Trump electable and good for the Republicans in 2016? The resounding answer is “No” but as a Democrat my inclination is to say “Yes” because I am a Hillary supporter.

Another question to ask is whether there is still room for one of the more moderate backbenchers to come from behind to snatch the nomination from the “Olupinmi” of a candidate like Donald Trump.

What Donald Trump is canvassing to do in America is to return America back to the stone- age or the reign of Henry the VIII of England who ordered three of his wives beheaded just because he could.

I continue to believe that a miracle could still happen that would see Jeb Bush or John Kasich or Chris Christie to come from behind to torpedo Donald Trump who may now run as an Independent and deliver the White House to the rightful owner, Hillary Clinton, the most qualified and the most experienced of all the candidates running for President in 2016.

Another question to ask that Americans are not asking right now is whether or not America and the rest of world need to work as partners in progress with the mainstream of the Islamic World to fight ISIS if they want to succeed. Yes, they do, will be my answer.

The last question I think America need to ask is whether curtailment or total destruction of ISIS is what is needed at this point in time? My inclination is to swallow hook, line, and sinker the suggestion by Hillary that total destruction of ISIS is what is needed but the 65 countries coalition put together and led by Barack Obama to confront the 20,000 strong ragtag Army and to destroy ISIS is precisely the right way to go because America, even it deploys all of her limitless and overwhelming resources, can never achieve that goal without some help from the rest of the world.

I rest my case.

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