When the hypocrites look into the mirror, they see the assemblage of angels.”

In a rejoinder to Sahara Reporters’ exposè on him, Musiliu Obanikoro wrote: “My aspirations now therefore are to seek further education as I am doing in pursuit of a degree in History at the Oglethorpe University based in Georgia USA and to Mentor the next generation of leaders in Nigeria.”

Musiliu Obanikoro

This statement by Obanikoro instigates three questions:

Firstly, what is Koro doing in the US? It becomes necessary to ask because for a man who believed so much in the transformation agenda of former President Goodluck Jonathan, it is both disturbing and discomfiting to see him boycott the over 100 universities in his country to go study in the land of the slave masters.

Secondly, what kind of history is Obanikoro studying: African, American, or World History? 
This question is pertinent as NUC is yet to place an embargo on the teaching of history in our universities. So it’s discombobulating seeing a self-acclaimed “Believer in Nigeria” boycott UNILAG, UI, UNIBEN, ABU, LASU, etcetera to go spend in dollar what he looted in naira! Although it might be forgiven if Koro chose the US to go study American history, it would be foolhardy if his type of history is taught in the lecture halls of the Lagos State University.

Thirdly, who does Obanikoro aspire to mentor? I can’t help but inquire because each time his name is mentioned, the image that pops up in my consciousness is that of a minister of state for defence dressed in a military garb and attending to a “special assignment by the President” in Ekiti State – one that entailed him to intimidate the military into submission – by unleashing them to deny the people of their inalienable right to elect their governor. This is why as a young Nigerian whose description fit into Koro’s definition of “next generation of leaders,” I’m at a loss to the kind of mentoring to expect from a man who not only sold his soul to the devil but threw his conscience into the gutter.

He sets out via his rejoinder to cajole gullible souls by disowning any report that linked him to posh properties outside Nigeria without realising that the populace is well acquainted with how looters do their thing: spread your loot in the names of your children, friends and cronies to ward off suspicion.

A few months ago during electioneering, Obanikoro was in Badagry Local Government to solicit the support of the people for his governorship ambition. He never went about this in the way of the book; neither did he go about it in a civil manner. The Obanikoro I saw that day was on a car in a motorcade throwing stuffs to induce voters. At a point, he threw a pouch which a 10 year old boy picked after struggling with other poor folks! Ask that JSS 2 boy in a social studies examination what politics is all about and he answers "a government of give and take – wherein the aspirant waters the ground to curry votes while the people wait for another four years to get their share."

This is what Koro aspires to mentor me on. It would not be out of place to align with the words of Barrister Peter Oluwaseun Olomola that "woe betides whoever is mentored by Koro Ibo, the world acclaimed one man rigging squad."

Obanikoro’s aspiration to mentor Nigerian youths' further brings to fore our pathetic state for if Koro had perceived us to be of a higher pedestal than he is, he would not have insulted us with his aspiration. This is why Nigerian youths’ must sit up to these jokers who see us as inferior elements who would dance at the sight of N10.

Sometimes last year, a colleague, Ifelola Oluwadunsin who was the president of the Queen Amina hall of the University of Lagos held a public lecture in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the hall. All went well until Abike Dabiri, then a lawmaker made a remark in response to a question that “as youths, you are leaders of tomorrow.”

Uncomfortable, I stood up and gently walked out in order to avoid creating a scene. As I did, I heard a stream of applause for a remark I found not only insulting, but debasing. Here I was enraged about a statement and my colleagues grinning about same!

It is this same mindset that makes every Nigerian politician perceive the youths’ as psychologically weak creatures that have no iota of mental capacity to think for themselves.

As a bona fide member of the political elite who has contributed in no small way to enslave Nigerians, Obanikoro was quick to remind us of how proud he is of the accomplishments of his children! He does that while the children of other Nigerians suffer the tearing of torsos and bombing of limbs majorly as a result of the N1.45bn he received from the money hitherto meant to fight the terrorists. Obanikoro spat on the memory of the terror victims and tells us to go to hell by bragging over the ephemeral lives of his children!

A friend of mine taught one of Koro’s children private lessons and as I write – it’s over a year now – he is yet to get his final pay. In a distressing tone, he told me how Koro’s wife told him to to stop disturbing her because of a few thousands! (The guy in question sold water in jerry can to sponsor his college education and drove a tricycle for his undergraduate program.) I challenge Koro to refute this claim.

Obanikoro looked helpless in the face of the continued revelation by Sahara Reporters that he tried very hard to make others join him in castrating Sowore. When he labeled SR as an “hack-journalism” outfit that practices “baseless and shameful journalism,” he never knew he had exposed himself to the whole world as a bush element who finds it perplexing to decipher between paper journalism and internet activism.

In his tainted reasoning, he deceives himself that the castration of Omoyele Sowore would ultimately shield him from public scrutiny. If he knew how radicalized and angry the Nigerian people are, he would realise that Sowore is just an individual among the pool of red-eyed citizens who yearn for justice.

What kind of a mentor says this:

“You can’t get a promotion without me sitting on top of your military council. If I am happy tomorrow night, the sky is your limit.” – Obanikoro mentoring General Momoh on 20 June 2014.

Then this:

“Our security agencies must be more concerned with security duties which is their purpose rather than interest in political hatchet jobs” – Obanikoro mentoring our security agencies on 18 November 2015.

One would almost recommend Obanikoro to the mental home for uttering such starkly opposing and conflicting statements before realising that he is a chief player in the comity of men whose allegiance lies in stomachs’ and pockets’. That is why he could muscle the army in 2014, and preach professionalism in 2015.

Koro’s “next generation of leaders” who relishes his mentorship need our prayers for they are the major reason why political criminals like the men of Ekitigate still bask in hope that their crimes against humanity are worthy legacies.

That is why each time Obanikoro looks into the mirror, he sees nothing but an angelic reflection.

Modiu Olaguro, a youth corps member writes from Jebba. He shares his thoughts on www.ghettosassembly.wordpress.com You can email him at [email protected] or follow him on twitter @ModiuOlaguro

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