On Sunday, the Bayelsa State chapter of the Civil Liberties Organisation (CLO) accused the officials of multinational oil companies and security operatives deployed to the Niger Delta region of complicity in the rising cases of oil and gas pipeline vandalism and crude oil theft.

The CLO stated the deployment of gunboats and the establishment of checkpoints at various waterways in the region by the military, oil theft and pipeline vandalism has persisted in the region.

The Chairman the  CLO in Bayelsa State, Nengi James, noted that the continued incidents of these crimes indicated that military personnel were somehow complicit in the theft of oil and pipeline vandalism.

“The situation has forced the people to lose confidence in the deployed security personnel.

“Where are the gunboats Where are the checkpoints and what gives the vandals and the pirates the audacity to operate unhindered and without molestation if there are no security operatives collusion?

“There is high collusion especially in the area of vandalism. The military is helpless,” Chairman James said.

Mr. James said the CLO has resolved to call on President Muhammadu Buhari to open an investigation on the relationship between of oil exploration companies and the military in the region.

"[An] independent Investigation has revealed that most of the security operatives in the region are living beyond their means.

“[Even] a cursory examination of their bank accounts would reveal this," Mr. James said.

The chairman went on to note that the incidents of piracy, kidnapping, oil theft, and pipeline vandalism have become daily occurrences.

He concluded by reiterating his call for the Federal Government to investigate the security agencies in the region.

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