The Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF), Major General Lamidi Adeosun,  promised more offensive operations against Boko Haram while on a visit to Maiduguri on Thursday.


Major General Adeosun commands the MNJTF from his headquarters in Chad.

While speaking to journalists in Maiduguri, he reaffirmed MNJTF’s strength and commended the nations of the MNJTF for their participation in various operations despite the challenges facing the region.   

Major General Adeosun also promised to conduct more offensive than defensive operations.

"I can categorically state that the Multinational Joint Task Force is now fully operational and functioning in  its fight against the insurgency,” the MNJTF commander stated.

Maj. General Adeosun also stressed that his command was fully committed to the “compliance of the rules of engagement, with a total respect for human rights”.

Major General Adeosun assumed duty as the third Nigerian Commander of the MNJTF Command on January 15, 2016.  Prior to accepting this command, he was the General Officer Commanding 7th Division of the Nigerian Army, Maiduguri.

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