At least nineteen people have reportedly died from a twin suicide bombing in Cameroon today, according to the AFP. The target was a market in the northeastern town of Meme around 9am local time, according to officials.

Boko Haram Fighters In Cameroon

Early reports say that the attackers were both female and are suspected to be connected to Boko Haram, but officials could not confirm this information at the time of publication.

Today’s suicide attack was the sixth one in this region since January 2016, according to the AFP. Boko Haram, the group believed to be responsible for all six of these attacks, have been targeting markets by using women and teenagers as bombers.

The Nigerian military have reported that the terrorist group has sustained significant losses since their latest offensive against the group last week. The latest strikes against Boko Haram have taken place not far from Nigeria’s border with Cameroon.

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