A series of photos circulating on social media and some online news sites of a massive amount of ammunition and guns being transported in a casket have been found to be false. SaharaReporters learned that these photos were actually taken from a training exercise in 2012.

Speaking with SaharaReporters, the Acting Spokesman for the Army, Colonel SK Usman, stated that “the photos taken were from a training exercise held in 2012” and that “it is normal to have other security agencies represented in all Internal Security trainings at schools or in barracks by army units.”

The images depict a massive amount of weaponry and ammunition allegedly concealed in a casket. Online media stated that an army unit had intercepted an arms trafficking syndicate travelling between Ondo and Lagos States.

The photos also show some individuals allegedly surrendering to security forces, which were believed to be criminals associated with the gun running operation.

The photos in circulation can be viewed below:

Photos Of Ammunition Being Transported In Casket Are False, According To Army Spokesman

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