The Transition Monitoring Group (TMG) has described the Senate as “morally challenged” and “bereft of integrity” due to its silence over the prosecution of Senate President Bukola Saraki for corruption.

Senate President, Bukola Saraki (C) Senator Aliyu Wammako (L) with other Senators

The group stated that senators have been silent over the Saraki trial because they fear they could be the next ones investigated for corruption.

TMG Chairman Ibrahim Zikirullahi made the announcement on Friday, pointing to the details that have emerged from Mr. Saraki’s trial that demonstrate the ways in which the Senate President diverted public funds to his personal accounts.

“Before the very eyes of the people of Kwara and by extension Nigeria, we are seeing how the criminal alliance between Saraki and his current minions in the Kwara State Government House resulted in the continued payment of Saraki’s salary as governor, four clear years after he ceased to occupy office as governor,” Mr. Zikirullahi said.

He described the details being revealed by the Code of Conduct Tribunal as merely the “tip of the iceberg” for the embattled Senate President, claiming that the recent Panama Papers leaks will further expose Mr. Saraki and his cohorts.

Mr. Zikirullahi emphasized that the funds stolen by Mr. Saraki could have been used to fund public projects and pay the salaries of teachers, doctors, and other workers in Kwara State.

“While it is tragic that Saraki and his co-travellers have short changed the people of Kwara, and set them back in their quest for good governance, the bigger tragedy is the criminal silence in the Senate,” he said.

The Chairman added that Nigerians would lose what little respect they still had for the Senate due to its silence in the midst of the Saraki trial.

“It speaks volumes about the character and antecedents of many of these so-called legislators, that they would put allegiance to their heavily tainted leader, above allegiance to the Nigerian people.”

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