The western Ethiopian region of Gambella was attacked by gunmen from neighboring South Sudan on Friday, leaving 208 dead and 108 missing.

The Gambella region borders South Sudan

According to Ethiopian government spokesman Getachew Reda, the military has killed 60 of the attackers and is currently searching for the 108 abductees.

“Ethiopian Defense Forces are taking measures. They are closing in on the attackers,” he said.

The assailants were reportedly Murle people from South Sudan’s Jonglei and Upper Nile regions. The group has carried out similar, but smaller, attacks in the past. 

Many of the victims were women and children belonging to the Nuer ethnic group, who live in both South Sudan and Ethiopia.

Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn said that his government is seeking permission to cross the border to form a joint military operation with South Sudan. He stated that the South Sudanese army had no involvement in the attack.

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