Youths from the nine States of the Niger Delta region have accused the Chairman of the Amnesty Implementation Committee, Brigadier General Paul Boroh, of incompetence and have criticized his failure to organize a stop gap measure against the rising cases of militant attacks on oil and gas pipelines in Delta and Bayelsa States. 

The angry youths, under the aegis of the Concerned Niger Delta Peace Advocates, called on President Muhammadu Buhari to sack Mr. Boroh over his inability to use his office to organize intelligence gathering among the ex-militants registered with the amnesty program to unveil the identity of those behind the Niger Delta Avengers, a new militant group from the region.

In a short protest march held yesterday in Yenagoa, the youth group said that although Mr. Boroh served the nation meritoriously in the Nigerian military and handled the administrative aspects of the amnesty program, his knowledge of the Niger Delta is faulty and non-existent.

Paul Boroh, head of the Presidential Amnesty Programme

Speaking Tuesday on behalf of the group, the President, Comrade Joe Gbasa, and Secretary, Paul Sukari, said the group is calling for the dismissal of Mr. Boroh due to his open display of incompetence and his failure to assist the federal government with intelligence gathering in its fight against the militants, many of whom were participants in the amnesty program.

“These Niger Delta Avengers draw their membership from the beneficiaries of the amnesty program. If Boroh is a Niger Deltan with knowledge of the terrain, he should by now be of assistance to President Buhari and the federal government to coordinate a pro-active intelligence gathering operation to expose the faces of the Niger Delta Avengers,” Mr. Gbasa said.

“The amnesty office is not only meant to be a cash office alone for the repentant militants. The former militants under the coordination of Boroh should be an intelligence outfit to sustain the peace in the Niger Delta. If the Niger Delta Avengers continue to bomb, where would Boroh and his cohorts have money to dish out to the ex-militants?”

It would be recalled that the Niger Delta militants have attacked oil refineries throughout the Niger Delta region in an effort to cripple the national economy.

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