On the 5th of June 2016, I published an article regarding the decay in the federal medical centre here in Bida, Niger. In this article, I explained why the management should be brought to book for the careless loss of human lives there. I am sure most of you must have it.  READ HERE

After the publication went viral, the management tried all it could to downplay the issue as expected. They have also been lots of speculations flying around trying to dispute the facts. Supporters to the MD in the likes of Dr. M.M amongst other shameless sycophants arose.

The Management quickly set up a committee of doctors and other staff alike to help probe into which staff leaked such an information…

They are bent on smoking me out because I washed their dirty linen in public. Meetings after meetings! It is like finding a grain in a sand pile! Different heads of departments were called and interviewed thoroughly. They are still playing silly suspicions on the wrong set of staff (Doctors and Nurses alike).

I am everywhere in FMCB, what is then the use? What if I am within the management itself? Ridiculously Stupid!

It is funny how they are bent on finding me out rather than solving the actual problem.

For the first few days, they were focused only on trying to find the culprit. The MD, Dr. Aminu Usman had no choice but to come back from his ‘unapproved’ sabbatical vacation. Hell had been let loose.

How they finally obtained ‘limited’ diesel remains the biggest mystery. The management thus gave the order to turn on the generator for two hours every day now. The time slot is from 10 pm -12 am.

What this meant was: should a patient require an emergency surgery, he/she would have to wait till they put on the generator.  Smart right? All medical investigations and tests are kept on pause till that golden time: 10pm-12am only…. What a joke!

I still doubt if the MD, Dr. Usman Aminu has ears. Is his counsel really from the Emir of Bida? A big question

Should I say water supply has improved? It is only pumped during the golden hour…. It most times gets finished before noon of the next day. Who is fooling who?

Well, No deaths have occurred since the article…. A big surprise I must say! Oxygen is back in the circulation pipes (doesn’t last long but it is ok!)…Our torchlights to help conduct deliveries are still in our bags and purses… they are still useful just in case.

The people of Bida are so naïve. I have worked and lived with them for years now, and I know this as a fact. It pains me. All they do is shout behind closed doors.

Before I published that article on July 5th, 2016… I interacted with lots of colleagues, patients, and other staff… The responses were all the same: the MD is Incompetent and has failed and should not go scot-free from the hands of justice.


It is my deepest wish that, Dr. Usman Aminu be interrogated and tried. This is why:

We most times certify dead patients under the hoax that is ‘was a medical condition’ when truly it was clearly an avoidable managerial fault. Should we as doctors go on like this? Didn’t we swear, to be honest? How do we get better this way? Should we as healthcare professionals continue like this? What if it was someone you knew? What if it was your own father, child, mother, sister, brother, son or daughter? What if?

Let us call a spade a spade!

The MD should retire in handcuffs.

Any staff of this institution that refutes these facts laid above or in the previous article does himself/herself and generations a great disservice.

And it gets interesting….

Ending of Last week, the management got a call form ‘Ogas at the top’ asking questions.

But let me ask: what do you expect to hear when you ask a thief if he stole or if you ask a murderer if he just killed someone? If the government is serious in investigating this, they should do so discretely and should not inform the management of their arrival.

They should be Romans as they are coming to Rome. Then you’d see for yourself. This is my candid opinion.

So today, July 11, 2016, the management of the federal medical centre Bida, organized a staged a media coverage. The night before this staged media tour, missing diesel magically re-appeared, hospital gate repainted, oxygen flowing in pipes, water running and staff briefed ( threatened) not to go against the script.

The media coverage today saw that no faults were detected. The entourage headed by the MD, Dr. Aminu Usman paraded media around shamefully.

I desperately wanted to go off script as I trailed along from a distance.

They walked into the Accident and Emergency asking predetermined questions as usual to the matrons. My God! I have never seen matrons in such sparkling smile. The ER was packed with machines and instrument. It was looking so functional with the cameramen trailing behind. Other stops were in the Pediatric Emergency Room, the Labor Ward, etc. As expected, doctors were not interviewed just matrons were asked scripted questions. They had to stick to the script for fear of the unknown.

How long do we keep deceiving ourselves? Let us call a spade a spade. Health shouldn’t be joked with. As I pen this down, Things are still being they way they are… Some temporary improvements as regards water especially… What about blood? What about steady light? What about steady water? What about equipping the pharmacy store? What about improving facilities to aid quick and prompt treatment?

The federal government has since given money to this Centre for the establishment of an Intensive Care Unit [ICU], which is still lacking. The truth is,  any critically ill patient brought to this Centre, dies just like that!

FMCB still runs on what is tagged “one point agenda”. What this means that a small generator is used to light one bulb in all wards. It lights just bulbs with no wall sockets. More like candle in the dark.


The next MD should take note that it wouldn’t be business as usual. FMCB isn’t your private fund source or ATM. You swore to protect life, do it and not the other way round.


I will keep talking till things change. I am passionate about quality health care in Nigeria.


Thank you!

FMCB Staff

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