An All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship aspirant, Dele Alade, has suspended his campaign for the governorship of Ondo State.

In a statement made available exclusively to SaharaReporters, Mr. Alade stated that his path to the nomination as the APC governorship flag-bearer in Ondo State is narrow at this time. He stated that the people of the State have been traumatized and impoverished by corrupt and visionless politicians who are only out to continue to steal the State dry. Mr. Alade added that his message clearly resonated in the State but that more time and resources are needed to further educate the people about their political rights, the need for them to confront the looters and plunderers of their resources, and the need to make the necessary changes and reforms in the political system especially in the mechanism for choosing who leads them.

Mr. Alade, a US-based Judge and the Chairman Board of Trustees of APC-USA, thanks all his supporters at home and abroad especially members of Dele Alade Committee of Friends (DACOF) and Dele Alade Support Group (DASG) for their financial and moral support. He said that the campaign to rescue the people from the hands and grip of a corrupt political system and politicians and to develop our country continues. He said traveling around Ondo State has further opened his eyes to the embarrassing level of abject poverty in the State.

"Our towns and villages do not reflect where human beings should be living in 2016. Our people are being oppressed and being cheated out of existence by many shameless politicians and government leaders. They're being killed on bad roads and in hospitals that have been turned to mortuaries.”

Mr. Alade said his campaign, for now, will focus on other plans to be of service to the people and call on Nigerians at home and abroad who desire change in the country to join him in this effort.

He said most of the political parties' candidates for the governorship of Ondo State are not sincere but are out to enrich themselves and continue the plundering of the State's resources.

He added that he will only support a credible APC flag-bearer that emerges from a free and fair primary.

Mr. Alade insisted he will not support any candidate, even an APC candidate, if he believes the candidate is a corrupt and visionless person.

Dele Alade

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