Hurricane Matthew crashed through major island nations of the Caribbean this week and is now heading toward the US, creating flood situations in Florida and soon Georgia according to US officials.

Haiti, still struggling since the devastating earthquake in 2010, lost at least 271 to Hurricane Matthew according to US media sources. That number is expected to rise as Haitian officials sift through the rubble left in the wake of the storm.

According to CNN, a total of 276 people died in the Dominican Republic, St. Vincent and Grenadines, and Haiti. The US announced today that it would send assistance to Haiti. The Haitian electoral commission also postponed the country’s presidential election, originally slated for this Sunday.

Cuba also reported that hundreds of residents had the roofs blown off their homes and some coastal towns were devastated. However, there have been no reported deaths in Cuba at the time of publication.

Hurricane Matthew, which is far from being over, is expected to make landfall according to numerous US media sources. US state and local authorities have pleaded with the public to evacuate from areas classified as critical flood risks and to not meander on streets due to high winds.

Hurricane Matthew over Haiti

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