The Human Rights and Anti-Corruption Coalition has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to allow the anti-graft agencies to further investigate the Nigerian judiciary following the discovery of corruption in the system.

The group specifically mentioned that judges found to be corrupt by the State Security Service (SSS/DSS) should face prosecution after proper investigation.

The coalition also maintained that the corrupt judges should resign immediately considering the magnitude of evidence tendered before them during the DSS raid.

They asked Mr. Buhari to demonstrate to the people of Nigeria his leadership qualities by ensuring corruption is totally wiped out of the Nigerian political system.

Desmond Abiona, coordinator of the group in Lagos State, said the judiciary was more corrupt than any other public institution in the country. 

Mr. Abiona stated that the judiciary, which should provide all Nigerians with equal, fair access to justice, has been bought and overtaken by the wealthy.

"The arrested judges should be charged to court within the shortest time possible so that they cannot claim their rights were violated,” he stated. “We want to clearly warn the judges that would be handling the trial of these arrested men that Nigerians will be watching closely and this is no time to play fraternal games.”

Members of the group have vowed to use all strategies available in their capacity to speak against corruption in the judiciary with a promise to expose more corrupt judges to the DSS. 

Activists demanding further probes into the judiciary and other corrupt institutions

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