It took only a split second for Captain Sully to come to the conclusion to land his plane with hundreds of passengers on board at the risk of instant death had he taken the risk of flying that plane to Newark Airport less than 50 nautical miles away with one disabled engine and the second engine uncontrollably losing power and altitude.

The hero pilot did not waste time arguing about what to do with his co-pilot. He simply decided to land the plane on the Hudson River on that fateful day. He uttered from the cockpit three words that made the difference between life and death for him and his petrified passengers. “Brace for impact” and within minutes he landed the plane on water.

I was driving on FDR Drive that day by sheer coincidence and I saw the plane making the deadly plunge. I could not believe my eyes. I thought I was in a trance. But before I could say Jackie Robinson, the plane landed with a huge splash. I was petrified. I forgot where I was going for a brief moment.

I immediately took the next exit and drove my Sonata as fast as I could back to my home in Far Rockaway because I did not want to hear or see the aftermath of what I had just witnessed.

I must have been one of the few people in New York to have actually witnessed the plane land on the Hudson River. The day was expected to be “Ojo buruku Esu gbo mi mu” in Yoruba language, or, “a tragic day in infamy,” but the Emergency Responders of the greatest City in the World rose to the occasion just like they did on 9/11. They miraculously saved the flight crew and all of their passengers in an awesome rescue mission that instantly became part of New York and American History. I returned home to watch everything on television in the comfort of my living room.

I used this strange allegory to wonder aloud in this article what is going to happen in the early hours of November 9 in New York City after CNN should have made its first projection on a woman of Destiny, the one and only Hillary Rodham Clinton who is right on her way to being elected the first female President of the United States and Leader of the Free World in less than 3 weeks from today as the Lord liveth.

I made this scary comparison because I do not know and cannot yet figure out what exactly Donald Trump might do after his dream to be President collapses like a pack of cards on November 8.
But anyone listening to Trump as closely as I do in this election year, but more so in the last 2 weeks, cannot help but be troubled by some of the pronouncements coming out of his mouth as he anticipates a very humiliating defeat if the polls are anything to be believed.

About 2 months ago, Donald Trump suggested that the security details of Hillary ought to be withdrawn to see if the poor woman could survive any threat to her life because of her plan to take away the Second Amendment rights of many in his Evangelical base and the white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan who were all rooting for him.

His false indictment of Hillary was based on false premises, and most Americans knew that for a fact, but there were many among Trump supporters who believed everything that comes out of Trump’s mouth and would act on it if the push comes to shove.

I thought the CIA and the FBI ought to pay attention to those kinds of existential threats coming from Donald Trump. One of those threats included his praises for terrible dictators like Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin and his encouragement of the KGB to use cyberattacks to hack the US elections. It also includes the fact that he has had some business dealings in Russia and in Communist China and Cuba even when such dealings were outlawed in Cuba.

Those dealings would not have posed any threat had Trump be willing to release his tax returns for public scrutiny, because those returns would have shown very clearly his business connections around the world and the involvement of any his top aides in his campaign in some illicit business deals around the world.  

Trump has denied having any such dealings but it is just too risky to believe anything he says because he lives in his own reality and he believes what he wants to believe. He is a pathological liar who can say anything to get elected. He has dismissed all the accusations of sexual assault brought against him by nine women from different parts of the United States. I am sure there could be more from outside the US based on his track record as a sexual predator with some gravitas.

Trump who say he does not know how to lose or handle adversity, appears so desperate to win that he would say anything and indict his opponent Hillary just to damage her irredeemably. He has lately been using the infidelity of President Clinton to embarrass and blackmail Hillary. He calls Hillary an enabler.

It is a cruel thing to do but nothing will stop Trump from going there. He has recently alleged that Hillary must be using energy-enhancing drug and he is suggesting in total desperation that the two of them be forced to take a drug test, which will be a first in American Politics, if allowed. He shows more symptoms of a drug user than Hillary as brilliantly stated by former Governor Howard Dean of Vermont. I concur with that as a clinician social worker with some experience in drug therapy. I know Professor Ozodi Osuji will draw the same conclusion about Trump. 

The last and not the least and arguably the most dangerous and egregious of the threat Donald Trump poses to the American political system is his allegation that the Media and the Electoral Commission in every state and at the national level are all joining hands with the Clinton campaign to rig the election in November.

It is an allegation that he cannot substantiate but he keeps making it, nonetheless, at every campaign stop around the country just to incite all of his supporters to violence in the event of his losing by a narrow margin which is most unlikely given all that we know today... Part of his goal is to cause disharmony and mayhem, and to make it that much harder for Hillary to govern after her inauguration on January 17 or 19.

Donald Trump is behaving pretty much like the leper with no fingers to milk a cow but who has the leg to kick the can containing the milk. He is doing everything to reduce American elections to the third world level so he can tell his supporters “I told you so.”

He has earlier told his supporters what he thinks they want to hear to get them provoked and fired up to resort to violence by calling Hillary names and by telling them he is going to instruct his Attorney General to make sure Hillary ends up in jail regardless of the constitutionality of what he is promising to do. What is so scary is that he is giving them sufficient time and notice to get ready to take out Hillary as one of them openly admitted on Camera. It doesn’t get any worse than that for any candidate who wants to be President of the greatest country on Earth.

Donald Trump is behaving like an outlaw who lacks the judgment, the discipline, and the temperament to be President of the United States.

American would be making the greatest mistake of our lives to put the loose cannon in the White House.

The bigot does not belong there.

I rest my case.    

Dr. Wumi Akintide writes from New York.

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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