Aggrieved students protesting high tuition fees shut down activities at Ambrose Ali University (AAU) in Edo State on Monday.

Students called for the protests after the university announced that it would increase new students’ fees from N145,000 to N160,000, according to the Daily Post. The new fees will also affect 200-level students.

Protests escalated when students blocked the busy Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi highway.

The Daily Post reported that two students were shot in the protest after military officers were deployed to disperse the protesters. The same news outlet reported that the two students were taken to a nearby hospital where they are currently receiving medical treatment.

However, the AAU spokesperson, Edward Aihevbe, said that the reports of two students being shot were false.

“No student was shot. They barricaded the [Benin-Ekpoma-Auchi] highway and soldiers escorting an army vehicle had to shoot in the air to scare the students away,” he explained.

Mr. Aihevbe described the protest as “unnecessary and uncalled for.”

AAU students protesting

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