In less than 48 hours from today, Donald Trump would be taking his oath of office as the 45th President of the United States and leader of the Free World he has so much criticized and undermined on his way to the most powerful job on the face of the Earth.

I want this piece to be my last article before the apocalyptic “Rapture” and the arrival of the new sheriff in town whose inauguration is going to be greeted with placards and demonstrations never before seen in similar ceremonies  in the close to 250 years of American History.

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, the legendary civil rights activist, spoke for all of the 2.86 million Americans who gave Hillary Clinton the highest margin of victory ever recorded by a candidate who did not go on to win the Electoral College tally by some miracle as initially envisaged by America’s founding fathers.

The legend spoke for all of the Democratic Congressmen and women - 34 the last time I checked -  who have already given notice they are not going to honor Donald Trump with their presence at his inauguration slated for January 20 at the door step of the Capitol building in the nation’s capital.

He surely spoke for the close to 65 million Americans who gave their votes and had wanted  Hillary Clinton to fully claim her mandate and fulfil her Destiny as the first female President of the United States. John Lewis surely spoke for all of us who could clearly read the hand writing of the KGB and Vladimir Putin and the clear intention of FBI Director James Comey to help Donald Trump come from behind to snatch victory from the jaw of Defeat for Donald Trump who had warned the whole nation ahead of time he would consider the election rigged if for any reason he did not win.

John Lewis clearly spoke for all of Americans who heard Donald Trump recklessly invite the KGB to please come and help America retrieve the more than 3000 e-mails he falsely claimed that Hillary had destroyed in her high wire attempt to endanger the security of America. Donald Trump actually warned the nation he was going to lock up Hillary if he got elected thereby throwing under the bus the notion that Hillary ought to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.

His surrogate Rudy Giuliani actually announced before the election there was going to be an October surprise to irredeemably damage the chances of Hillary.  FBI Director James Comey delivered on that promise 11 days to the election by speculating that the investigation against Hillary has been reopened because new information had surfaced.

It was the last straw that broke the camel's back for many undecided voters who were hedging their bet on Hillary in the 6 swing states of Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Hillary was projected to easily win by most credible opinion polls 3 weeks to the election on November 8.

Donald Trump clearly gave himself away that he surely knew something the rest of us did not know when he predicted he knew how to win and he would go on to win because Hillary and the Democrats did not know how to win.

What we are talking about here is not Rocket Science. If the roles were reversed and Donald Trump had won the popular vote by 3 million and lost the Electoral College tally by less than 100 out of 538 votes, Hell would have broken loose and Trump would have lived up to his promise to never concede victory on the presumption that the election had been rigged and many in the Republican Party would have supported him based on the Republican track record we have all come to know so well.

Their argument would have focused on the fact that 538 electors in any Democracy should never override the interest of the close to 130 million voters that took part in that election.

Donald Trump would have justified his claim by the fact that the 3 million margin of victory cannot be wished away or dismissed with the wave of the hand in a Democracy.

He and the Republicans would have argued that America was never a Dictatorship or a Communist regime like Russia, China or North Korea where 2 plus 2 can be 6 or 10 depending on who is doing the counting.

They would have cited the example in Britain or France or Germany or Canada or Australia where a simple majority in the popular votes dictates the winner. They would easily have clamored for a waiver to set aside the Electoral College nonsense just like they easily made a case for a waiver for Mad Dog Mattis to serve as Defense Secretary because the man had been a very competent and patriotic war hero who should be respected and honored rather than vilified and pilloried.

Many of the Republicans who are today condemning or criticizing Congressman John Lewis for calling Donald Trump “illegitimate” are all suffering from myopia and selective amnesia to cut a long story short. Donald Trump had run around the country saying that Barack Obama was born in Kenya but was smuggled by his mother to Hawaii to be registered as a US citizen thru subterfuge.

If Donald Trump was able to prove his treasonable indictment, Obama would have been disgraced and impeached. His presidency would have been tainted forever and no minority would ever again have been allowed to ever run for President again in America. Donald Trump went around the whole country insinuating that Obama was an illegitimate President.

Where were the Republicans who are now crying wolf where there is none or shedding crocodile tears, and criticizing John Lewis for having the courage of his conviction to call Donald Trump an illegitimate President for all of the reasons I have articulated above?

The hypocrisy of the Republicans is a complete outrage that cannot be compared to anything I have seen as a student of American Politics for 50 years.

The whole world has to call their bluff and double standard and their racist homophobia all the time. If Donald Trump is right and justified to blackmail Barack Obama who won the popular vote and the Electoral College tally in a landslide two terms in a row, how could anyone in his right senses have the temerity to criticize John Lewis for speaking the truth to power by describing the first KGB-sponsored American President as Illegitimate based on all the facts I have articulated above.  

I cannot think of any better name to call Donald Trump who up till now has refused to release his tax returns and has so far refused to openly condemn Russia and Vladimir Putin for their espionage against America and for using WikiLeaks as their surrogates to release fake news and damaging information that were all designed to help Donald Trump win the election as all of the American Intelligence Agencies have unanimously testified.

I totally agree with John Lewis that the word “Illegitimate" should be Donald Trump's middle name, given the way he became President by defaming his entire opponents - male and female - and by his short fuse temperament which knows no boundaries or limits.

He, Donald Trump, has lambasted both home and foreign leaders who for any reason have refused to dance to his tune. The only exception has been Vladimir Putin, the man who put him in the White House if the truth must be told. Americans are just too embarrassed or too much in denial to admit that as the Gospel truth.

Mr. Trump and the Republicans would have been the loudest in calling for the resignation of FBI Director, James Comey if Trump was the target of his treasonable meddling in partisan Politics and his ultimate goal to put the campaign of Hillary Clinton in total disarray 11 days to the most controversial election in the political history of America.

What we observe right now from the Republicans with regards to James Comey is the silence of the grave yard. Most of them including Trump still want to retain Comey to the very end of his 10 year statutory appointment.

That to me is an indefensible outrage and one of the smoking gun in the unfolding drama of the Trump presidency which should come upon us on January 20th.

I must not end this piece by failing to comment that 1 or 2 in every 5 Democrat law makers in Congress are now on record to say they are going to boycott Trump’s inauguration formalities and Parade on January 20.
It is the right thing to do as revenge to the Republicans who for 8 years have totally boycotted and delegitimized Barack Obama who happens to be the first black President among the 45 Presidents of America minus George Washington who belonged to neither of the two Parties when he became President.

Many Republicans and Donald Trump could care less about patriotism if their party interest is in contention or jeopardy.

They are always more than happy to see the American Helicopters collide in Teheran when the Marines or the Seals made a daring Rescue mission to Iran in 8 Helicopters to go release the American hostages on the orders of President Jimmy Carter, a Democrat who was on his way to winning re-election as the incumbent until that tragedy occurred.

Even though the embattled and humiliated Jimmy Carter had negotiated the hostages final release from Iran, the Republicans till tomorrow gave all the credit to Ronald Reagan to make him and the Republicans look good to the peril of the Democrats and Jimmy Carter who went on to lose 49 out of 50 states to Ronald Reagan in that election.

Donald Trump is borrowing a script from that history but he has carried that scandalous impunity to a ridiculous level when he called Jeb Bush a low energy Governor, Ben Carson a juvenile murderer who attempted to hit his own mother with a hammer.

Donald Trump carried the observation to a ridiculous extent when he defamed John McCain as a villain and not a highly decorated hero and a prisoner of war who was prepared to sacrifice his own life for America. He sure committed a sacrilege in my book when he called Lindsey Graham a useless non-conformist and cry baby and when he labelled Fiorina as an ugly flat- chested old lady who is not fit to be President. He committed an unforgivable sin when he said that Megan Kelly was overrated and when he said blood was coming out from her mouth and everywhere. Only an illegitimate could have uttered that kind of statement. John Lewis was absolutely right.

Donald trump committed a terrible blunder when he described President Obama as illegitimate because he claimed the incumbent President was born in Kenya but became President thru false pretenses. He carried the observation to a ridiculous level when he openly canvassed that Vladimir Putin was a much stronger leader compared to the Columbia and Harvard-trained two term President of America who won both the Electoral College tally and the popular votes in a landslide victory on both occasions, and who received a Nobel Peace Award for Leadership within a year of his taking office.

Donald Trump carried the observation to a ridiculous limit when he totally disowned American Intelligence as inferior to the KGB intelligence that helped to make him President. He has for that reason validated John Lewis’ description of him as totally illegitimate as far as I am concerned.

He validated that description when he ridiculed American and World Media as fake and unworthy. He doubled down on that scandal when he ridiculed Quinnipiac College opinion polls as a trash by forgetting that the College only got their polling wrong due in large part to the massive Disinformation espionage of the KGB and the October surprise of FBI Director James Comey.

Opinion polls are based on probability theory which is based on the assumption that the individuals sampled would never lie about their intention or preference. It is a different ball game when the KGB has a vested interest in the outcome of the polling.

Donald Trump has carried the observation to a ridiculous level when he defamed a woman who has spent 40 years of her life serving the nation with pride and competence in one capacity or the other as an outlaw and a criminal who should be locked up or banned from the presidential race.

Who for God’s sake is saying that John Lewis is wrong to describe Donald Trump as illegitimate? It is only hypocrites or the pockets of Deplorable in the Republican Party who would not call any American President who describes NATO and the UN as obsolete institutions as totally unfit to serve if he truly believes that.

I say it with a resounding emphasis that Donald Trump’s middle name should be “Illegitimate”

I rest my case.              

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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