A Television commercial in America describes the Range Rover Jeep "above and beyond" in performance. In the interest of full disclosure and to avoid being accused of Plagiarism, I confess to borrowing this title from that commercial.

Fareed Zakaria as a News reporter and analyst is truly deserving of the Nobel Prize in Journalism if the choice were left to me alone. The young man makes a huge impression on me in the way and manner he handles his Global Public Square talk show every Sunday. I am impressed by the high level of research that goes into his discourse with all of his guests on that show. The caliber of his guests is top notch. You can tell he is really a genius and a worthy and brilliant Harvard product.

I feel exactly the same way about Rachel Maddow a product or Stanford and Oxford. I used to think Rachel was a lawyer until her herself admitted in one of her programs on MSNBC that she is not. I rank Rachel and Laurence O’Donnell among the best at MSNBC and in the World of Investigative Journalism.

I was pleasantly surprised when Barack Hussein Obama the man Donald Trump often loves to criticize as a failure was awarded the Nobel Peace Award in 2009 within a year of his coming to office. Even though Mitch McConnell who became the Republican Majority leader in the next Mid-term elections had promised to make Obama a one term President, the genius of Obama had become manifest when he won the Nobel Peace and when he went on to win a second term in 2012 in another landslide victory. Obama left office as one of the most popular American Presidents of all times. I watched Zakaria’s farewell interview of President Obama in the White House. It was a masterpiece of an exchange between two great minds. Either of them could have been Presidents based on what I gathered from that exchange.   

I would not be surprised if some day Fareed Zakaria like Obama is awarded the Nobel Prize for his powerful column and as the moderator of the Global Public Square which is watched all over the World and which has provided a learning curve in Current Affairs and International Relations which is second to none in the whole World.     

There are few television programs I never want to miss every Sunday even when I am out of town or on vacation outside the United States. The Global Public Square is decidedly one. There are two American Televangelist pastors whose Sunday sermons I never miss for many years. I would rather miss going to Church than miss listening to the powerful sermons of late Robert Schuller of Crystal Cathedral, Garden Grove, California  and Joel Osteen the Pastor of Lakewood Church at Houston, Texas.

Fareed Zakaria just happens to be my favorite. Other reporters I admire and respect include CNN retired Anchorman Larry King, CNN Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Christiana Amanpour, CNN News Reporter Chris Cuomo to mention a few.  Brian Williams, Chris Matthews, Chris Hales, Rachel Maddow, Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC, and Bill O’Reilly and George Will of Fox News are the others. My day is never complete or done until I have had a chance to watch all of these individuals as I flip from one Cable Channel to another looking for them.  I rate them the best in the business and I love all of them   

I put my spotlight on in this article on Fareed Zakaria because the icon is easily among the best and the brightest in my own opinion. I never forget he is an American immigrant of Indian origin.  America remains a quintessential nation of immigrants. I cannot help but be reminded that all of these individuals are immigrants from one country or another. The greatness of America is in fact defined by the contributions of Immigrants from all over the world who came to America in different boats but now find themselves in the same boat as pointed out to us by the great Martin Luther King. I therefore cannot imagine any American President in his right senses who would look down on immigrants because America as the microcosm of the World is nothing without the immigrants.    

Christiana Amanpour is an Iranian immigrant born and raised in Britain. Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow’s great grandparents are British immigrants, Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell and O’Reilly’s grandparents are Irish while Chris Cuomo is of Italian origin. Donald Trump’s great grandparents all emigrated from Germany while his mother came from Scotland.

It is therefore an irony to me that Donald Trump has made it one of his missions as President to declare war on Immigrants. The Yorubas got it exactly right when in their wisdom they predicted that any River which forgets its source is doomed to eventually dry up. I don’t care how long and how intense the Trump War on the immigrants is going to last, he is going to end up becoming the ultimate victim of that War.

He currently professes to be the best and the smartest President ever elected. He completely forgets that he came into office with the narrowest of margin in the Electoral College tally after losing by more than 3 million votes in the popular vote to a more qualified woman who had spent 40 years of her life preparing herself for that office. Fareed Zakaria never fails in his analysis to underscore that point without pulling punches.   

The genius of Fareed Zakaria is his uncanny ability to analyze international problems around the globe and tapping the brains of other experts in the field including individuals like Professor Henry Kissinger and some of the big players in Geo Politics, in the Sciences and Economics around the globe including Heads of Governments, Cabinet Ministers, top United Nations’ or European Union  Personnel who are regular contributors to his program and are often tapped via the Satellite to join in the debates moderated by Fareed Zakaria either from his home base in the United States or from any other capital around the World. Fareed has become a celebrity in his own right for that reason.  

Fareed Zakaria is in regular touch with a long list of movers and shakers in the public and private sectors of America who frequently participate in his program. I have watched him rub shoulders on the program with Economists like Thomas Friedman of New York Times, Nobel Peace Laureate Krugman and others too many to recount in this article.

They all know he operates at the highest possible level  and they are willing and happy to participate in his program I have seen his interviews with the current European Union President in Brussels, the United Nations Secretary General  and Heads of State from many countries including the British Prime Minister , the French President, the Iranian President and the Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, the King Hussein of Jordan .the Prime Minister of Japan, the President of South Korea and the President of China  among others. 

I am putting my searchlight on Fareed Zakaria for all his works and analysis on World Politics but more so for his analysis on the Trump Presidency and its ramifications for America and the rest of the World.

Fareed Zakaria makes no bones of his opinions on Donald Trump and he does it with clarity rare to find elsewhere. The young man is a prolific columnist with a very deep and analytical mind. That can move a mountain. He clearly spoke to the cloud of uncertainty hanging over America because of the unpredictability or the mental health of a Donald Trump that many are now beginning to wonder if he could end up becoming a victim of the 25th Amendment to the American Constitution, if he does not become another Richard Nixon on steroid.  I got more information from Zakaria and from some of his distinguished journalists and other celebrities and Newscasters like him.

I watched his Global Public Square show for February 19 for one hour from 10 AM to 11AM on CNN. It was as usual a masterpiece on Donald Trump who has now stigmatized and declared war on the News Media which he has called “the enemies of the People” because they have had the nerves to criticize him and some of the policies he has espoused. If you can open up Trump’s mind it now seems clear he nurses the ambition to emulate some of the worst dictators around the world, like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, and late Fidel Castro.

Fareed has made it clear how Trump has declared war on all Immigrants, on those he has labeled as Criminals and Leakers of his deliberate violation of the Laws and his grouse against whistle blowers who have had the courage of their conviction to report on such violations before an irreversible harm is done to the country. Some are already suggesting Trump may be losing his mind and suffering from information overload or pretending to be what he is not. He does not have the depth of knowledge required in a President and the temperament to keep his emotions in check and to be mindful of every statement that comes out of his mouth like great Presidents are required to do because he could easily set the whole world ablaze and upside down by talking thrash.   

Fareed Zakaria made it clear how Donald Trump has declared war on Muslim refugees facing instant starvation or death but who may have had the misfortune of being born in any of the Islamic countries on Trump’s enemy list.

He interviewed on his show yesterday a gentleman name Karaganov who explained in a language anyone can understand how Donald Trump has kept America more divided than ever and all Trump has been doing to erode or sabotage the Liberal World Order that has sustained World Peace for more than a century. Donald Trump does not only want to rock the boat he wants to do it by pretending to be what he is not.  

It is made clearer by Fareed Zakaria in his Global Public Square talk show every Sunday that Donald Trump is fighting a war he can never win and arguably leading America to the precipice by attempting to shake the existing world order to its very foundation because he thinks and believes like Adolf Hitler that he is the smartest and the wisest leader in the World. He actually boasted at one point that he was better informed than all of the American Generals combined on how to fight and destroy ISIS and how to restore what he called the lost power of the United States. He says he wants to make America great again as if America has lost its mojo, a proposition that is not supported by the facts on the ground.

He explained how Trump openly praises and embraces Communist and repressive regimes like those in North Korea, Russia and China. Now that he is President he is trying to use the massive power of the Presidency to climb down on the opposition and to distract the Congress from probing his refusal to release his tax returns and to further probe his collaboration and clandestine conspiracy with Vladimir Putin and the KGB and their role in paving the way for his election as President of the United States on quid pro quo arrangement that are subject to intensive investigation by the FBI and the CIA and the American Congress as we speak.

Fareed Zakaria has shed more light on the smoking gun in the election of Donald Trump and his arrogant refusal to release his tax returns and the stupidity or naivety of IRIS, a U.S Government Bureau to give Trump a free ride on the all- important issue of tax fraud or tax evasion which once sent Vice President Spiro Agnew to jail and has made life very miserable for poor and innocent Americans who are annually required to file their taxes or go to jail for failing so to do.

Fareed Zakaria could not understand why the Obama Administration has refused to take Trump to Court or to compel IRS to come up with facts and figures in reference to their audit of Donald Trump’s financial Empire which would have revealed all the other countries he has ever done business with and whether or not any rules or protocols have been broken or compromised in so doing.

Fareed Zakaria has put the Ethics Bureau to task for its failure to get to the bottom of Trump’s possible violation of Ethics in his Business dealing before giving him the clearance to run for President. Because the Government has failed to do that, Donald Trump has been emboldened to nominate individuals for Cabinet positions without getting the clearance from the so-called Ethics Bureau because he himself as President was never subjected to such a rigorous test during the primary season.

Donald Trump has been allowed instead to start spreading false information on Hillary Clinton and openly inviting the KGB and Vladimir Putin to help her expose Hillary, Mr. Putin obliged and responded by authorizing WikiLeaks to start releasing damaging information that irredeemably damaged the chances of Hillary to win in a few of the swing states of Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and Pennsylvania. Trump is President today because of that development. Take it or leave it.

It was clear from Fareed Zakaria’s fool-proof analysis that all Donald Trump and his new Attorney General and his newly constituted FBI and CIA want to talk about is nothing about Trump’s Tax Returns or the KGB hacking of American Elections or some of his illegal and scandalous business dealings around the world including his attempt to muzzle Freedom of Speech in America.

All they want to investigate is chasing shadows instead of pursuing substance. All they are interested in is Disinformation Espionage recommended by the KGB to cover their trail and their role in the US elections or Donald Trump business dealings with Vladimir Putin which is now coming out gradually  and will continue, until Trump would have no place to hide any more like Richard Nixon.

Jeff Sessions the new Attorney General would have no choice but to recuse from the probe because he is part and parcel of the cover up as the investigations would ultimately show. Trump and his gang are more interested in probing imaginary voter fraud that caused him to lose to Hillary by close to 3 million votes in the popular vote

Like the Watergate scandal that sank the presidency of Richard Nixon, the Russian hacking of American elections to help Trump win by all means and his refusal to release his Tax returns is irredeemably leading to the same conclusion and the prognosis is not looking good at all as brilliantly predicted by Fareed Zakaria, the best in the business. Fareed submits that a fool at 40 is a fool forever but what do we call a fool at 70? The resounding answer to that question is “Trump” if you ask me but I know you will not.

I rest my case.                  
Dr. Wumi Akintide

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