About forty Students in the Postgraduate Students’ Forum of the University of Lagos has been invited by the welfare and disciplinary committee of the university for a meeting, following their letter to the Vice-Chancellor appealing for the reversal of the increased accommodation fee in postgraduate halls in the school.

The letter dated February 20, 2017, and signed by the Deputy Registrar and Administrative Secretary of the institution, Mr. Ademola Aliu, stated that the students are to appear before the committee on Tuesday, February 28, 2017.

“Please be informed that the Student Welfare and Disciplinary Committee that has been set up to look into the issues raised in the letter is inviting you for "interaction” the letter read.

There is, however, apprehension about possible victimization from the University authority. There have been incidents where the university rusticated students who questioned the decision of the management of the school. 

The students had written the Vice-Chancellor Rahmon Ade Bello on December 5, 2016, to express their displeasure about the increase of fee and demanded that the university reverses its decision on the increment.

Similarly, the students wrote President Muhammadu Buhari asking for his intervention in the matter, but they got no response. In the letter, the students who are mostly Ph.D. appealed to President Buhari to kindly put an immediate stop to the “ill-intention” of the management by ensuring the university does not force down their throats a “wicked pill.” 

In a memorandum that came into circulation on November 22, 2016, and signed by the Dean of Students Affairs Division, Prof. Ademola Adeleke, the University announced an increase from N11,000 to N70,000 for bed spaces at the Henry Carr Hall and to N120,000 for Erastus Akingbola hostel. This is over 500% increase in accommodation fee for the postgraduate students.

UNILAG VC Rahmon Ade Bello

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