Local government workers throughout Yobe State have yet to be paid up to sixteen months’ worth of salaries and entitlements, workers said on Monday.

A press statement released by the workers under the aegis of the Yobe Aggrieved Workers (YAW) explained that the Yobe State government, under the leadership of Ibrahim Geidam, received a bailout from the federal government for the purpose of paying civil servants their salaries and entitlements. Despite this, workers from Potiskum, Nangere, Fika, Fune, and Bade local government areas are still awaiting their payments.

According to the press release, co-signed by YAW Chairman Abubakar Sadiq Abari and Secretary Muhammad Nasir Ja’afar, Yobe State government spokesman Mala Musti, in an interview with Voice of America Hausa conducted in February, falsely claimed that all salaries had been paid.

“This statement by the [information] commissioner has unsettled and shocked the hapless workers and other sympathizers, and it also raised some questions on whether the State government, under the leadership of Alhaji Ibrahim Geidam, is sincere in fulfilling its responsibilities,” the statement reads.

The workers concluded their statement by calling on the state government to pay all local government workers their salaries and entitlements without further delay, warning, “the YAW already have enough problems to deal with; revolt must not be added.”

Yobe State Governor Ibrahim Geidam

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