The Nigerian Army has arrested six soldiers in connection with the brutalisation of a woman by a group of soldiers of the 174 Battalion in the Odonguyan area of Ikorodu in Lagos State on March 12 . The Army, which expressed regrets over the incident, has also raised a panel to investigate the incident and prescribe appropriate sanctions against the soldiers involved.                                

The Army made its position on the incident known in a press statement signed by Lieutenant-Colonel OM Daudu, acting Deputy Director of Army Public Relations. According to the statement,  the attention of the Headquarters 81 Division of the  Nigerian Army was drawn to the incident by newspaper reports and social media posts.  "The alleged incident is very unfortunate, even as the Division under the Nigerian Army has zero tolerance for inhumane treatment," the Army said.                                 

It added that being an institution that places the accent on discipline, it finds it disheartening when such incidents occur and will treat it with seriousness. "Consequently, a board of inquiry has been constituted by the Commander 9 Brigade, Brigadier- General  Elias Attu, to investigate the circumstances that led to the incident, determine the level of the soldiers' involvement, submit its findings and recommend appropriate disciplinary measures, which will be communicated," disclosed the Army.  It added that six arrested soldiers are in detention, while the victim is in a hospital,  where she is responding to treatment. 

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