As a backdrop to this subject, I would urge many of you reading this article to go watch on YouTube an interview of Mr. George Wallace with the great Mr. Louis Farrakhan on the definition of double standard and whether or not Nigeria was the most corrupt nation on Earth.

My initial title to this article was, “It’s done, it’s over, it’s cooked for America,” but I modified the title because I know that presidents come and go and America will survive the worst of presidents. I can tell you that America will survive this one as well, despite the serious damage being done to its reputation.

In January 2017, Donald Trump became the 45th president of the United States, but the first Russian-sponsored one and the first to openly embrace a Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, and his values while openly thrashing the values that make America the greatest country on Earth, the bastion of democracy, and the envy of the world. I cannot think of any president more hated and despised like Trump this early in their presidency, as the current 37 to 57 percent opinion polls for Trump have clearly shown. If you don’t believe me, just visit the late night talk shows and Saturday Night Live to form your own opinion. He has become the butt of every joke as he has tried to turn the American presidency into a monarchy right before our eyes by pretending to be what he is not and lying his way out of every scandal and crisis.

FBI Director James Comey, the J. Edgar Hoover of our time, finally appeared before the Congressional Committee on Monday to break his silence by finally agreeing that his Bureau has been investigating Trump since July 2016 because his Bureau, and American intelligence in general, by consensus and acclamation have found enough evidence to suspect and even believe that Russia has “prima facie” tried to hack the American elections and to undermine American democracy.

The FBI director even admitted at one point during his cross examination that Russia has been loud and not so secretive about its role in the American presidential election.

I never believed that America could be so vulnerable to such disinformation espionage from any other country in the world. If Russia could do it, so can China and North Korea, because they run closed societies where freedom of expression or dissent are criminalized and where only one individual calls the shots. That, sad to say, is the model that His Imperial Majesty Donald Trump has embraced hook, line and sinker.

What is so offensive in the ongoing investigation is that the Republican side has politicized the process. They are leaving substance only to start pursuing shadows. They seem less interested in investigating why Russians would want to determine the president of America. They seem less interested in what could possibly be the “Quid Pro Quo” that Russia expects from Emperor Trump for the help given to him by Putin to win the presidency.

Republicans and Emperor Trump would rather go after leakers, whistleblowers and the media who revealed the secret about the Russian operations to begin with. They do not want to know the Russians’ motivation for wanting to level up with America or reclaim their superpower status with America. The Russians clearly lost their competitive edge with America way back in 1945 when the US, under President Franklin Roosevelt, working side by side with Winston Churchill, had led the Allied Powers to defeat Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

The Russians clearly knew they lost their competitive edge to America when America masterminded the founding of world institutions like the United Nations and its affiliates all over the world, such as the World Bank, the IMF and the International Court of Justice at the Hague to monitor and supervise world peace and when America made the powerful dollar as the dominant currency for international exchange.  Russia has every reason to want to bridge the gap between America and Russia on all indices of power configuration. Donald Trump was more than willing to grant them the favor if they could help make him president.

They have since made him president and now is the payback time. Donald Trump believed he could use and dump Putin, forgetting that Putin, a former KGB operative in the Soviet Union, could hit him back in a way he would never forget. As long as Donald Trump remains president of America, he can never totally extricate himself from the undue influence of Vladimir Putin. If he could control and subdue America through Donald Trump, all European nations, including Germany, which rely heavily on Russian oil and gas for their survival are toast.    

The Russians clearly lost their edge to America when America quietly developed the atomic bomb around 1944 and tested its potency in Hiroshima and Nagasaki clearly 5 years before the Russians secretly developed their own but kept it under wrap. But America still found out because of the superiority of American technology.

The Russians believed they have more or less caught up with America, and therefore reserve the right to sit at the table with America or vent their muzzles. But America surprised Russia when she formed NATO. The Russians responded to that challenge with their own Warsaw Pact. The Soviet Union shocked America when she launched Yuri Gagarin as the first man in space, and for a short while, the Russians were convinced they had beaten America in the race to conquer space and could gloat on that achievement.

America was inspired by John F. Kennedy, who at only 42 years of age became president, and fired the imagination of Americans to reclaim their moral authority as the greatest country on Earth. America did that when in less than 10 years America landed Neil Armstrong on the moon.

JFK again rebuffed Nikita Khrushchev when he tried to arm Cuba in the backyard of America with a nuclear weapon. JFK called the bluff of Russia with a naval blockade that got Khrushchev to quickly rethink his strategy to arm Cuba with a nuclear weapon. Nikita Khrushchev had to beat a retreat. JFK did that without firing a single shot and he sealed his own legacy as one of the greatest American presidents, even though he had been president for fewer than 3 years.

While the Soviet Union had spent all of their wealth and great energy on building its military industrial complex, America had diversified her own economy by building schools, universities, highways and providing other basic infrastructures which made America the real estate and the entertainment capital of the world and the country that controls from year to year two-thirds of the Nobel Prize awards in the Liberal Arts and the Sciences.

America went ahead to create the computer and the Internet which completely changed the whole world. America did not stop there. It created the drone technology way ahead of any other country on Earth, thus reducing Russia to second fiddle in everything.

America gained the upper hand when she managed to infiltrate the Soviet Union by doing what Russia is now trying to do to America. America got Gorbachev to become President of the Soviet Union. Gorbachev preached “Perestroika” which simply means “Restructure” in English Language. That was total capitulation to America.

The capitulation had led to the fall of the Soviet Union and the quick dissolution of the Warsaw Pact. Most of the 15 Soviet Republics and Poland and the Baltic States were freed of Russian domination. They started to apply for membership of NATO as Ukraine and Crimea abandoned the Warsaw Pact. Ukraine and Crimea, now in the backyard of Russia, became a scourge that Russia could not tolerate.

Vladimir Putin the new Russian nationalist and KGB smooth operator seriously wants a return to the good old days when the Soviet Union used to be on equal footing with America or slightly lower. Vladimir Putin knew he had to find his own Gorbachev in Donald Trump. The only way to play catch up with America is to find a way to make Donald Trump the president of America. He correctly figured out that the only way to do that was to use cyber technology and warfare where he strongly believed that Russia clearly held an edge over America.

The 2016 election provided Putin an opportunity to test that claim. If Russia could use cyber technology and disinformation espionage to frustrate America, could he not destabilize weaker and smaller nations of Europe if he could succeed in breaking up their solidarity by using Donald Trump as president of America to destabilize the European Union and NATO?

Mr. Putin has used cyber technology to infiltrate and hack American elections and to demonize Hillary Clinton whom he blamed as the arrow head of the conspiracy to break up the old Soviet Union. He did everything in the book to help Hillary lose and everything in the book to help Donald Trump win. Hillary lost because she could not be persuaded to work against the interest of America like Donald Trump was willing to do if Moscow could help him fulfill his life ambition to become president by all means.

It is not rocket science. Putin knew that the Electoral College conundrum in American democracy is vulnerability and a time bomb waiting to explode. It is a contraption that has outlived its usefulness but America out of pride and ego does not want to change the obnoxious system which totally makes a mockery of democracy as a game of numbers.

How could any sensible nation on Earth claim that the verdict from 538 handpicked electors should be far superior to the verdict of the 135 million voters who voted in the last election? That is the absurdity of the American Electoral College nonsense. It bears repeating that Donald Trump is President today because of that nonsense. The KGB may not have tampered with any of the election returns in each of the 50 American states but it surely created the environment that made Trump to win by narrow margins in most of the swing states of Florida, Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Putin saw the absurdity and he took full advantage of it to help make a pathological liar and con artist like Donald Trump become the President of the United States. Donald Trump has already launched his own” Perestroika” pretty much like Gorbachev had done to break up the defunct Soviet Union.

Americans should not take consolation in the indefinite and endless investigation that James Comey is trying to sell to them. An independent prosecutor with “subpoena” powers is what is needed, like what happened in the Watergate or the Monica Lewinsky scandals, both of which were less serious than what we are dealing with here. The independent prosecutor would be given a time frame within which to start and complete their work in a timely fashion.

Any American President colluding with an enemy country like Russia to destabilize his own country has committed treason and should be treated as such. If this investigation is left to James Comey’s FBI the investigation will last forever.

I do not buy what James Comey is selling to America.  It is a decoy to never get to the bottom of the scandal. Have you ever heard of any American president with so many litigations pending against him? How many times has Donald Trump paid a ransom to settle a case he knows he is bound to lose if it is prolonged? He swims and thrives in scandal because that is his life if you follow his history and track record. James Comey may never finish his investigation in 8 years. The sooner the investigation is concluded the better for America.

In the interview referenced at the beginning of this article, George Wallace alleged that Nigeria was the most corrupt country in the world. Mr. Louis Farrakhan, in response, pointed out that America was 226 years old while Nigeria was roughly 35 years old at the time of the interview. Louis Farrakhan eloquently argued that America had no right to moralize on Nigeria and that America should be quiet when it comes to moral condemnation.

By the same token, I am saying that Donald Trump is not in any moral position to say that Obama is a felon who wiretapped him while sweeping under the rug the treason he himself had committed by colluding with Vladimir Putin to destabilize American democracy.

America needs the eloquent Louis Farrakhan to speak the truth to power and to let Donald Trump and the Republicans know they are doing America a great harm by covering up for Donald Trump, just like Sean Spicer has been doing with his silly press conferences on behalf of Donald Trump.

I rest my case.               

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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