Barely a few days after the news of Ifeoma White-Thorpe’s acceptance into eight Ivy League colleges in the United States rent the air wave, another student of Nigerian descent, Olawunmi Akinlemibola  has broken all the odds by gainining admission into more than 14 schools including Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, Duke & University of Pennsylvania. 

Others are University of Maryland, Swarthmore College, Grinnell College, Amherst College and University of Chicago.

 Olawunmi, a DuVal High School senior, got 4.15 grade-point and has taken 53 college credits through the Prince George’s County School system’s dual enrollment program with local college.

 Her counselor, Stacy Kline said   Akinlemibola   is one of the top students she has ever had the privilege of working with.

 “And I say ‘privilege’ because she’s someone who has taken classes far beyond the ones I’ve taken — even in my master’s programs! “She’s just amazing,” Kline said.

Olawunmi also got full funding to pursue her dream course in most of the colleges that admitted her. She said doing well in school is the least she can do to compensate her parents investment on her. “My parents, my mum in particular has gone through a lot, I cant let them down,” She told NBC.

Ifeoma White-Thorpe also got acceptance   to Harvard, Yale, Columbia, UPenn, Brown, Cornell, Dartmouth & Princeton including Stanford.

Olawunmi Akinlemibola got admitted into Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Cornell, Stanford, Duke & University of Pennsylvania and others

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