The governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode has been the subject of attack on the social media over the killings that occurred on Sunday at Otodogbame, Lekki area of Lagos.

In many tweets, human right groups including Amnesty International, Nigeria, have taken swipe at Governor Ambode for giving order that led to the death of residents of the riverine community.

The rights group accused the governor of rewarding the majority who voted him into power with eviction, hardship and death, while rewarding the elite minority with profits from property sales.

 The armed officials of the Lagos State Task Force who returned to the riverine community on Sunday at about 5:30 am to continue the demolition of structures and shanties, killed two residents:  Elijah Avonda and an unidentified youth.

Earlier in March 17, the same task force in disregard of court order destroyed houses in Otodo Gbame and evicted the residents.

 Amnesty International Nigeria tweeted that the government’s primary duty is to also protect the interest of the ordinary people.

“We see more glittering shopping malls and estates emerging everyday. More gulf courses and polo grounds than homes for the people,” Amnesty International tweeted.

JEI, a Lagos-based human rights organization  described the action of the state government as “impunity and brazen disregardd for the rule of law.”

The group decried a situation that may cause massive IDP crisis in Lagos.

Lagosians have also condemned the decidion to evict residents of otodo Gbame without alternative place of settlement.

Dr. Ibilola Amao, an energy consultant tweeted at Ambode to “kindly leave a legacy that doesn't include blood on your hands. Politics is beyond being Governor for 4-8 years.”

 Seun Onigbinde of Budgit described the action of Lagos State in a tweet as  “nothing short of impunity.”

Many other Lagosians who posted tweets or retweeted condemned Governor Ambode for his insensitivity to the plight of Otodogbame residents.

Meanwhile, the government of Lagos States has insisted that the settlement in Otodo Gbame is illegal, without any title or appropriate government approval.

In several tweets, the government stated that the killing of security agents in Ishawo area of Lagos by “militants” strengthens the resolve of government to clear Otodo Gbame.

“The government will not succumb to emotional blackmail and will stand by this decision because it is in the best interest of all residents,” the state government tweeted.

Barely an hour after the post, a Lagosian, Ayobami,  tweeted back “Really? Emotional blackmail. Demand for fundamental human rights of Nigerian citizens is what we call Emotional blackmail now?”


Residents of Otodogbame fleeing from men of Lagos State Task Force Governor of Lagos State, Akinwunmi Ambode








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