A good psychoanalyst and a mind reader like Professor Ozodi Osuji, a Nigerian-American who lives in Alaska and has become the most popular columnist of Chatafrik by the consensus of readers, would tell you that Donald Trump would have wished to be elected President of the United States at a much younger age, like John F. Kennedy, who became President at 42.

The same Profesor Osuji would probably have told you that it is much harder to change or panel-beat a 70-year-old man than an adolescent. The Presidency has a learning curve that changes most Presidents, but not Trump, who is always going to be Trump regardless of any attempts to change him. It simply means that Donald Trump is like a dried fish and any attempt to bend or straighten him up would break him.

I do not pretend to be the Wizard of Oz but I am thoroughly schooled by ace reporters like the awesome Rachel Maddow and brilliant Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC who help me to connect the dots on Donald Trump and the precipice to which he may be leading the greatest country on Earth.

Donald Trump openly admits he does not want to be the President of the World and that America would go it alone if the rest of the World refuses to come on board. That stance stands in sharp contrast to the ideals of JFK, the youngest and arguably the most charismatic and dynamic American President and his emphasis on country above self, the poor and the middle class, and world peace thru collaboration and cooperation. JFK clearly said that the torch has been passed to a younger generation, not just in America but the whole World, and he saw himself as a leader in that World to promote world peace and peaceful coexistence. He rhetorically asked in his powerful inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country”. That was then. This is now. The difference between Trump and JFK cannot be more stark or poignant.

Donald Trump would have wished to share the star power of the handsome JFK who became President by the narrowest of margin both in the popular vote and in the Electoral College tally by beating Richard Nixon, popularly called “Tricky Dick,” a professional politician, and a sitting Vice President to a very popular President in Dwight “Ike” Eisenhower, a famous General before his election as President.

I call Donald Trump a Richard Nixon on steroids and a far cry from JFK. If you think Richard Nixon was a crook, I cannot imagine what any of you reading this would call Donald Trump, who says one thing and does the exact opposite without any feeling of remorse or regret because he believes and argues that he does not make mistakes.

He only stopped short of calling himself God and that he is why he thinks he reserves the right to be the accused and the judge in his own case. Trump believes he can criticize anyone including the Pope but he hates for anyone to criticize him. Like most dictators before him, Trump would like to use the power of the Presidency to clamp down hard on all of his critics and whistleblowers, including the print and the news Media.

You are his friend if you sing his praises and his enemy if you dare criticize him. If you do not sing his praises he will sing his own praises and describe your opinions of him as fake news because he creates and lives in own reality and illusion.  When he gets cornered he sugarcoats his own perception and belief as the alternate truth, he expects you to accept that as the Gospel truth and nothing but the truth.

He can make up stories like alleging that President Obama wiretapped his office and that Susan Rice broke the law without any shred of evidence but as a cover-up for some of his transgressions as President and just to satisfy his ego and his own whim and caprices. He believes he reserves the right to call black white and white black and he could care less what his critics think.

Trump also falsely claims that no administration since FDR has accomplished more than his administration in their first 90 days in office. Even the least informed person in America knows that to be totally false. As at the time of writing this piece, Donald Trump who has signed Executive Orders one after the other has not had a single legislation passed into Law under his belt.

A majority of those Executive Orders which have been challenged in the Courts have all been shot down because they were all found to be illegal and arbitrary. The development clearly shows a fumbling and ignorant President who shoots in the dark or who shoots from the hip without doing his homework.

Donald Trump compares himself to Franklin D. Roosevelt, the longest-serving American President, and one of the country's greatest. FDR, working in close collaboration with Winston Churchill, Sterling finally defeated and ended the Second World War in 1945. Donald Trump touts the signing of an Executive Order as an accomplishment even though he clearly knows that doing so is something that a President is allowed to do but it does not count as an achievement unless it is able to survive judicial scrutiny and legislative challenge.

He is now counting on a Supreme Court dominated by his fellow conservative judges as a way to uphold all of those intuitive executive orders which cannot pass the litmus test of sound legal interpretation. Donald Trump believes he can make an omelet without breaking an egg. He deceives himself all the time while thinking he is deceiving the Public. He is always trying to defend the impossible and making his White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer fall on his own sword for his own sake so many times.

He is the worst President in that context and nowhere comparable to any of his Predecessors including the worst of them. He is known to reverse himself ever so often by signing executive orders that are so vague in interpretation like his last one on Immigration where he was threatening to defund sanctuary cities which Judge William Blocks has recently ruled as being unconstitutional.

The drip, drip, drip that has enveloped the Trump Administration over the Russian hacking of American Elections is certainly one that could eventually drive his Presidency into oblivion as time goes by, despite all the efforts by his White House to cover up or cause major distractions for the investigations to go forward. It has now revealed that his first Security Adviser, General Flynn may have broken the Law by clandestinely working for a foreign country while at the same time serving at the highest level of American national Security with the implicit collusion of Trump who refused to do any thorough security clearance on him before putting him into such a high position of responsibility in his Government. Donald Trump is therefore doing something more egregious and criminally proved than what Richard Nixon was forced to resign about.    

Donald Trump used to call the Chinese trade manipulators he was going to put in their place if elected President. Once he got elected he invited the Chinese President Xi to his Winter White House at his Mar-A- Lago Resort Center in Florida. He offered him a lavish entertainment, and while that man was busy eating the best Cheese cake in the whole World in a 10 minutes chat with the Chinese President, Donald trump pulled a fast one on the President by telling him he had just ordered the 59 Tomahawk Missiles to be rained on Syria as the Commander-in-Chief of the strongest Military Power the World has ever known.

In his convoluted mind, he was using that show of power to serve notice to the Chinese President that he meant business and that he was going to be different from any other American President before him. Part of his goal was to use carrot and stick to force President Xi to cooperate with him in his secret and half-baked plan to attack the North Korean dictator who has been flexing his muscles against America by his indiscriminate testing of his Nuclear weapons in the Korean Peninsula.

Donald Trump foolishly admitted after their meeting that he learnt so much during his 10 minutes encounter with the Chinese President to walk away from his initial plan to label China a manipulator. He was now willing to forget everything negative he has ever said about China if the Chinese President is willing to cooperate with him in his threat against Communist North Korea. He said he was doing that to show his flexibility but he was actually betraying his naivety and foolhardiness as a novice in Diplomacy and Geo Politics.

He was willing to quickly reverse himself like a little boy will do when he throws away the cake at the sight of a honey biscuit. Donald Trump needs to grow up and to stop behaving like a kindergarten or a pony that still has a lot of tricks to learn.

Who could ever have believed that any American President would be that naïve and gullible to think or believe that any foreign leader worth his salt would be so childish to dance to his tune just like that.

Donald Trump is so full of it that he believes he can get away with murder because he prides himself as the world’s greatest negotiator who can make an opponent sign his or her own death warrant in a twinkle of an eye. Donald Trump once boasted and gloated than he knew far more than all the American Generals combined. He is fast changing the rules of engagement and changing the American military and forcing them into a role they have not been trained to undertake. Today his Administration is top heavy with Wall Street big Whigs and Military Generals like you will expect in a Military Regime. He is saying he is doing that to make America great again and to serve notice to the World he is here to regain the lost glory of America which only exists in his own figment of imagination and his narcissistic mind.   

I call him Richard Nixon on steroids because Richard Nixon, who came to the presidency as one of the most experienced American politicians as a sitting Vice President for 8 years and a brilliant lawyer and former Governor of California, could never have dared to tell the kind of lies that Donald Trump tells everyday as President.

If Richard was ever caught in conflict of interest, his own is child's play compared to Donald Trump’s. Richard Nixon never wasted time releasing his tax returns every year of his Presidency and before he was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal and to escape impeachment. Donald Trump dared not release his tax returns while presiding over an Oligarchy that makes it mandatory for you and I to release our own if and when due and during mandatory audits. He is going to lead the effort to do a Tax Reform in America while keeping his own tax release or audit a top secret.

The comparison with Richard Nixon and JFK makes a lot of sense in this context. Say all you want about Richard Nixon the fact remains that he and Henry Kissinger did make history with their opening up of China long before anyone ever thought that conventional wisdom suggested it. There is no way in the wide world that Donald Trump and Rex Tillerson, his Secretary of State can be compared to Nixon and Henry Kissinger one of the greatest American Secretaries of State ever.

Neither can Trump be compared to JFK and the nostalgia and the hope and excitement that his Presidency represented for the whole World.

I recall the first official visit of JFK to His Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second or JFK’s first visit to the Pope not to talk of JFK’s sensational visit to Berlin where he declared in perfect German in a speech that resonated throughout the whole world. The visit that surpassed it was arguably the first visit of Barack Hussein Obama as a nominee of a major political Party in American History.

Obama was received like a Rock Star. And he went on to win the Presidency as the first black ever to do that. Donald Trump is testing the Waters by sending his daughter Ivanka Kushner as a top adviser to go attend a Woman’s Summit at the invitation of a German Chancellor. Angela Merkel. Rather than being received like a star she was booed by many of her listeners. That is likely to be a sign of what her father must expect during his planned first visit to Her Majesty the Queen next month.

If by any miracle the man survives for 4 years which is unlikely, he would have turned the American Government upside down that nobody can tell the difference between America and some of the oppressive regimes Donald Trump wants America to emulate. He daily swims in conflict of interest and he says he wants to be the first American President to profit from running for office, win or lose. If you don’t consider such a statement scary, you have got to be living on the Moon. Corruption or Dictatorship in Government is going to hit the roof in America under the Trump Presidency.   Believe it or not!

I rest my case.            

Dr. Wumi Akintide

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