A pupil of Army Children Junior High School at Ikeja Cantonment lamented the poor state of Nigeria during a protest on Monday, detailing the harsh realities of his everyday life.

Speaking to journalists during the #OurMumuDonDo protest organized by Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy, Sunday Christopher, 12, bemoaned the struggle he and his parents go through each day to survive.

“Sometimes we don’t eat in the morning and afternoon because we don’t have much,” Sunday said, adding that his parents continue to struggle to make ends meet despite their hard work.

“My mummy is struggling so that we can make it in Nigeria, but things are too expensive. I may not eat in the morning and afternoon until my dad comes back in the night and all the work he did might not be more than N5000. He has to trek from his working place to the home. We don’t have food at home,” he said.

He urged the government to come to their aid as taxpaying citizens of the country.

Sunday went further to say that the country is in dire need of change and he opined that only the youth in the country can bring the desired change to Nigeria.

“We need a young person that is going to come and rule Nigeria very well. A person that has passed through a lot and knows everything about Nigeria. We need a young person that is going help us. Nigeria is in real danger. Nigeria was not like this before, we need a lot of help,” the young student said.

The 12-year-old discussed the dilapidated state of his school to illustrate one of the many challenges the country faces.

“If rain falls, some of us have to swim out of the school... All of our school is full of water, especially when rain falls,” he said.

Watch the video below:

12-Year-Old Pupil Of Army Children Junior High School Laments State Of The Nation

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