The Kaduna State chapter of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN) has claimed that a nomadic Fulani man, Abubakar Mohammed, has had his hand amputated by members of a Southern Kaduna community. 

Chairman of the association, Haruna Usman Tugga, disclosed this to journalists in Kaduna at a briefing. Mr. Tugga, who condemned the attack, described it as a setback for peace in Southern Kaduna, especially in the wake of the efforts government, security agencies and critical stakeholders. 

“On a sad note, I am here to inform you, that some natives of Southern Kaduna attacked our member, one Abubakar Muhammed who was migrating from Jema’a to Kachia local government areas, all in southern Kaduna. To be specific, Abubakar Muhammed, who was migrating from Panda in Jemaa Local Government Area to Ladduga in Kachia Local Government Area was attacked by youths from Maho village under Mazuga District. They attacked him along a migratory stock route for reasons best known to the attackers and amputated his left hand and left him bleeding in the pool of his blood," Mr. Tuga said.                    

The victim, he added, was taken to hospital in Kachia town, where he is currently receiving medical attention. 

“We condemned this inhuman and barbaric act, we are also calling on our people to be calm and law abiding. We call on the security agencies to investigate the matter and apprehend the attackers. We commend the government and the security forces for visible improvements in the security situation in Southern Kaduna. We suspect that this attack is calculated to destroy the gains already made in restoring peace in the area," he said.                                      

 Mr. Tugga appealed to security agencies and community leaders ensure that the gains of peace are not frittered away. He lamented that whenever Fulani community members are attacked, such attacks do not draw sympathy from the public.

"This lack of concern is worrisome. Are we to take it as evidence that they neither regard we Fulanis as human beings nor recognize us as part of the diverse communities that make up Southern Kaduna? Or are they embarrassed that attacks on our Fulani community confirm that victims and aggressors are on all sides of the conflict in Southern Kaduna? We call on the media to report truthfully and fairly so that the cause of peace is served,” Tugga urged.

Fulani man hand chopped off Fulani man had his hand chopped off

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