Kayode Bello, the law student expelled from the Abuja branch of the Nigerian Law School (NLS) last month, has sued the Council of Legal Education and the Inspector General of Police, seeking redress.

In the ex-parte motion, filed on Monday at the Federal High Court in Maitama, Abuja, he urged the court to urgently attend to the matter to enable him to write his Part II Bar Examination, scheduled for August 15. He argued that unless the court intervenes promptly, he will miss the examinations, which would jeopardize his career and future as a legal practitioner.

Mr. Bello claims he was forcibly ejected from his room at the Nigerian Law School in March and was subsequently expelled from the school for a simple misunderstanding with a colleague over sitting reservations.

The University of Ibadan graduate was expelled in July after a series of events that started on March 15 as a minor altercation between him and one of his colleagues.

After the news of his expulsion broke, social media was thrown into a frenzy with people attacking the management of NLS and demanding Mr. Bello be reinstated.

Subsequently, the narrated its side of the story in a scathing press release that labeled Mr. Bello as an aggressive and disruptive student, citing clashes with management at the University of Ibadan and the law firm where he served as an intern.

However, Mr. Bello in a rejoinder to NLS statement said all the allegations were lies and an attempt to demonize him.

He said, “I think the Nigerian Law School knows what I don’t know.  In the University of Ibadan that I know of, immediately the panel or committee rusticates or expels a student, you have to obey, and the Vice Chancellor would direct that the security operatives to follow you to pack your belongings from the hostel. Maybe when we get to court, the Nigerian Law School would provide proof of when I was forced to comply with rustication.”

On the allegation that he behaved badly in the firm he was posted to for attachment, he said; “My sin was that I reported the partner at the Equity Law Partners to the NBA when the partner threatened or said she would no longer sign my log book. I reported the issue to a senior partner at the law firm because the managing and principal partners were not available.”

Exclusive Interview: Kayode Bello, Expelled Law Student, Speaks Out Exclusive Interview: Kayode Bello, Expelled Law Student, Speaks Out

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