Seven people are under quarantine at Damaturu General Hospital on suspicion of Lassa fever in Yobe state.

"Three out of the seven suspected cases had been discharged after an initial clinical analysis while the remaining four are still undergoing clinical appraisal,” said Yobe health commissioner Bello Kawuwa.

He said standard protocols had not yet confirmed position of the outstanding four cases as they have been subjected to a second laboratory test.

 “In the month of July, about seven cases of suspected Lassa fever were reported in Yobe and they were subjected to normal clinical appraisal and out of these seven, three were looking less of Lassa fever.

“We subjected such to laboratory analysis to confirm the true position and will only be confirmed when the result of the second laboratory test is released" he said.

The commissioner noted that epidemic response team has been deployed to their communities carrying out contact tracing operation and enlightening the people in line with best medical practice.

“We have isolated such cases to prevent unnecessary contact and our epidemic response team have also gone to the affected community to carryout contact tracing as well as enlighten the people on what should be done and what need not to be done," he said.

Lassa fever

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