Dr. Abdul’Aziz Manga, the Executive Chairman of Bauchi State Hospital's Management Board, said that the state was experiencing a shortage of doctors and other medical staff. 

Mr. Manga disclosed this in an interview on Tuesday in Bauchi. He further disclosed that the board had only 67 doctors out of the over 6,000 workforces of the board, adding that the number was currently managing 27 general hospitals and other health facilities.

Mr. Manga described the figure as “inadequate” adding that the doctors were forced to attend to a large number of patients per day.

 “The board has 867 nurses and 15 pharmacists manning our hospitals and other health facilities in the state which is not adequate."

“Another place that we have lapses is in the area of midwives, where you will meet a hospital with only two or three midwives, and you can imagine the rigors they are undergoing,” he said. 

Mr. Manga, however, stated that laboratory scientists, technicians, and assistants, were very comfortable with their numbers so far, adding that hospitals had at least, laboratory scientists, technicians, and assistants. 

“We need a minimum of four midwives in each of the 27 hospitals and 30 pharmacists to adequately handle drugs in our hospitals."

“On our part, we are making efforts to recruit more of these special cadres such as doctors, nurses, midwives, and pharmacists," he added. 

“We have made our submissions to the governor, to grant us right to recruit some and very soon the situation will improve.” 

The chairman urged the few staff on the board’s payroll to put in their best and to have an attitudinal change to serve the people. He also advised the public to appreciate the services rendered by the staff and support them, where necessary to salvage the situation. 

“Government is not unmindful of the sacrifices being made by the few staff for the people of the state,” he said. 

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