The Indigenous People of Biafra has issued a warning to the Nigerian military, demanding that they stay away from its rallies throughout the South East region of the country. 

IPOB questioned the Nigerian Army’s ‘Operation Python Dance’ Phase II in the South Eastern part of the country and advised that the operation should have been moved to the Northern part of the country due to the unending Boko Haram insurgent ravaging the region. 

The secessionist group maintained that the South-East is peaceful and there is no security threat of any sort in the region.

“IPOB saw it necessary to give this serious warning to the Nigerian Army commanders in the South East to return their officers to the barracks because there is no security threat anywhere in Biafra land. If there is anywhere thousands of Army officers are desperately needed, it should be Borno, Yobe, and Adamawa States due to the menace of Boko Haram.”

IPOB alleged that the Buhari administration has been in the act of intimidating Biafrans and its supporters by using the military to disrupt peace and tranquility in the region. This act, IPOB claims, is being used to portray Biafrans as a violent group. 

“The world is presently aware that the Nigerian government has been using her Army to push IPOB to violence in order to tag IPOB as a terrorist organization. The Phase II of ‘Operation Python Dance’ launch in South East is yet another serious means of provoking IPOB to violence due to the countless times of provocation of peaceful and law-abiding Biafrans at checkpoints around Biafra land.”

The group insisted it has its own security operatives who effectively manage crowds in all of its activities, unlike the Nigerian Army who is always at the center of disruption in activities they are to pilot. 

“IPOB has its own internal security, trained in good management of crowds no matter the surge of the crowds, unlike the overzealous and intellectually bankrupt Nigerian Armed Forces who cause a stampede by themselves because of poor training in such gatherings.

The Nigerian Army officers must not come near IPOB rallies as Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is about to hit Enugu for the continuation of his rallies all around Biafra land.”

The group declared that any harm inflicted on them by the Nigerian military would not go unnoticed by the rest of the world. They maintained that since the initiation of IPOB rallies which have been unsupervised by the Nigerian military, they were yet to record any casualty or accident. 

The leadership of IPOB condemns the invasion of military officers, war tanks, and ammunition in the South East describing it as uncalled for and pure dictatorship in a seemingly democratic atmosphere. The group also urged military officers and its head to act constitutionally and said the army will be called upon whenever their help is needed. 

“The army officers should operate within the globally recognized rules of engagement which begin with a retreat to the barracks until invited to suppress outrageous riots, insurrection, or a declaration of a state of emergency, which will be constitutionally placed in the government official Gazette.” 

The Nigerian Army announced ‘Operation Python Dance’ Phase II in the South East which is to kick-start on Friday, 15th of September and come to a halt on Saturday, 14th October 2017. 

Nigerian troops

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