The 30-year-old marriage between former Super Eagle Technical Adviser, Chief Festus 'Adegboye' Onigbinde and his wife Anne Onigbinde has been dissolved in the Customary Court in Mapo, Ibadan claiming that there was no more love between the two. 

President of the court, Mr. Ademola Odunade, ordered Mr. Onigbinde to pay N5,000 to Anne to aid her in moving her belongings out of the house. 

Mr. Onigbinde called his former wife “ a wasteful spender and an unrepentant troublemaker", and asked the court to dissolve the marriage. 

“My lord, with my 79 years of age, I cannot continue to die in silence of Anne’s litany of problems."

“Among many other troubles I have encountered in the hands of Anne, I have also suffered uncountable financial losses during the process of trying to give Anne means of livelihood so that she wouldn’t be idle," he added. 

“On three separate occasions, I have established veritable business ventures for her and on each occasion, Anne wrecked the business."

“I can’t continue in such wastage. For many years, Anne has been a thorn in my flesh through ceaseless trouble-making as it is one day, one trouble in my home."

“Can you imagine that it was not until only one week to the wedding ceremony of the only daughter we had that she informed me?"

“In fact, Anne has openly turned that daughter against me because she doesn’t take any instruction from me."

“Anne is now a bad influence on the daughter and she doesn’t even have any good relationship with the rest of my children."

“For instance, when I lost my younger brother, Anne and her daughter refused to be sympathetic by registering any form of condolence."

“The list of her misbehavior is endless, please terminate our union.”

However, Anne opposed the request for the divorce and denied all the allegations leveled against her by her former husband.

“My lord, I have done everything possible to please my husband, but he is refusing to be pacified."

“Ever since he got married to another wife 10 years ago, things have changed from bad to worse, as I no longer know how to do things in his presence."

“Since then, Onigbinde’s body language is for me to vacate his home; he no longer finds happiness in me."

“On a particular day, just as I opened the door, I came across a snake waiting to harm me, but I raised alarm and it was killed."

“My lord, it was never in our agreement to be parting ways in this manner."

“In the interest of the child between us, I have nowhere to go, please, help save my marriage,” Anne pleaded to the court. 

Adegboye Onigbinde

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