A Lagos-based lawyer, Femi Falana, on Thursday called on the Christian Association of Nigeria, CAN, to “Christianize” Nigeria.

Mr. Falana spoke at the strategic dialogue roundtable organized by the Social Economic Rights and Accountability, SERAP, held in Lagos.

The lawyer was reacting to the controversy surrounding the N100 billion Sukuk bond offered by the Nigerian government.

CAN had in reaction to the offer said the move was an attempt to Islamize Nigeria.

But Mr. Falana, on Thursday, said the Sukuk bond was a legitimate means through which government could generate funds, as practiced in many countries of the world.

He called on religious leaders not to set Nigerians against themselves based on religion.

“I am challenging CAN to Christianize Nigerians; Christianize us by setting up interest-free banks…” he said.

He said religious leaders must be careful in their handling of issues, stressing that suspected kidnapper, Evans, had clerics who worked for him.

“Evans has a pastor, a Muslim cleric, and traditional priest…because all the prayers are needed,” he said.

Femi Falana


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