The attention of Kwara Must Change has been drawn to the hate speech and threat of violence issued out on air by the Kwara State Publicity Secretary of All Progressive Congress (APC) Mr Sulyman Tunji Buhari, over the recently staged massive protest by aggrieved and fearless citizens in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

The very successful protest saw thousand of residents stormed the streets of Ilorin on Wednesday to rally against the corrupt dynasty of Senate President Bukola Saraki and to express the need for good governance and peace in Kwara State ahead of the November 18 local
government elections.

The protest, which signifies an end to fear and silence, in the face of gross abuse of power, outright impunity and deliberate bad governance imposed on the good people of Kwara State was seen as the beginning and end to the deceit and mediocrity and those benefiting from the status quo are bent on threatening citizens into silence.

After the successful protest on Wednesday, APC spokesman that is currently under investigation by the Police over his role in orchestrating the kidnap, torture, and dehumanization of an activist, Ahmed Olanrewaju Buhari came out on Harmony FM radio station on 
October 5th, 2017 between 12- 1 PM to utter hate speeches and also threaten to unleash violence on any citizen that subsequently come out to protest on any issue. He said all sorts of things that shouldn't be said in a public domain and even threatened the security agencies,
mentioning the police, civil defense, and others.

Sulyman Tunji Buhari

Mr. Tunji threatened that whoever comes up with any protest as seen the previous day is in search for trouble and he warned of dire consequences, a threat we took very seriously, considering his ongoing
investigation over the kidnap, torture and dehumanization of Comrade Ahmed Olanrewaju Buhari.

Kwara Must Change had expected that after such an open threat, the security agencies, particularly the Department of State Service (DSS) and Nigeria Police Force (NPF) will have invited or even arrest him over such a reckless outburst, but until this moment, nothing has been
done. It appeared to us that the security agencies in Kwara state are now scared of doing their duty as required by law. It also appeared that the security agencies regard some people as untouchable, irrespective of their crimes.

We are hereby alerting the general public that the security of lives and properties in Kwara state is seriously threatened by the APC spokesman and urgent actions need to be taken before those who threaten to unleash violence carry out their threats.

We state firmly that nobody can prevent any citizen from exercising their rights and we urge all citizens to continue to exercise their rights freely and boldly. We cannot be intimidated and suppressed by any anti-democratic forces.

And finally, we call on the Inspector General of Police and the Director General of DSS to order the immediate arrest of the APC spokesman and others like him to guarantee peace and security in the state of harmony.

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