The burglars who invaded the local office of Air Peace airline in Akure, Ondo State were caught with the stolen vault by airport security guards on Thursday.

SaharaReporters learned that the robbers were hired by the domestic airline two months ago as contract employees.

They were nabbed at a bush within the premises of the airport and caught with the stolen vault and an axe.

The robbers had broken into the Air Peace office in Akure while it was closed for the weekend and stole a vault containing millions of naira.

Speaking in confidence with SaharaReporters, a private security guard revealed that the two suspects confessed to the crime and said the manager of the office masterminded the criminal operation.

“We caught them today [Thursday] right inside the bush after they had broken the vault and looted the money saved inside it. It was very embarrassing when the staff, mostly the disgruntled manager of Air Peace airline here in Akure, accused us [security guards] of being behind the theft at their office.

“They never knew that we had been tracking them since Sunday evening when the case happened. Their manager traveled to Lagos and lied that it was the private security guards manning the airport that broke into the office. That was a big lie.

“Aside from the police investigation over the case, the security guards also embarked on an internal investigation to really unmask those behind this crime,” the security guard said.

Cecilia Uguama, manager of the Akure airport, confirmed that the culprits were whisked away to the Obe Ille Division police station after being caught by the security guards.

Mrs. Oguama said the employees at the airport were shocked to discover that the office had been broken into over the weekend when they resumed work on Monday.

"I learned that they broke the window to get access into the office and made away with the vault, which contains the proceeds of ticket sales of the airline.

“We are happy that you also witnessed the people that were caught today by the security guards of the airport. It is surprising because this is the first time such a thing has happened at the airport,” she said.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story described the two culprits as former employees of the airline. The culprits were employed by the airline at the time of their arrest.


Former staff of Air Peace arrested for theft

Former staff of Air Peace arrested for theft

Broken vault stole from Air Peace

Broken vault stole from Air Peace

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