In his reaction to the scandalous news of the illegal reinstatement of the pension thief, Mr. Maina in the ministry of Interior, the Governor of Ekiti State, Mr. Ayo Fayose has accused  President Mohammadu Buhari of hypocrisy. According to the governor, the Buhari regime "is busy chasing common thieves while sparing the armed robber." We fully agree with Governor Fayose's analogy of "the common thieves and the armed robber."

But can Governor Fayose be said to be a common thief when he was standing trial for poultry scam of N1.2 billion before his election in 2010? Can the governor also be said to be a common thief when N1.3 billion of the Dasukigate has been traced to his account at Zenith Bank? Is it correct to say that Governor Fayose is a petty criminal when he has been indicted for stealing over N1 billion pension fund like Maina?

After his impeachment in 2006, Mr. Fayose ran away to escape justice. It is hoped that he will wait for his trial at the end of his tenure next year and not allow himself to be declared wanted like Maina. After all, he has said that the N1.3 billion stolen by him from the office of the National Security Adviser was 'donated' to his campaign fund by Zenith Bank Plc. We are waiting for him to confront his comrade-in-crime, Mr. Musiliu Obanikoro who has admitted that he collected  the N1.3 billion from Colonel Dasuki in Abuja, airlifted it to Akure airport and travelled by road to Ado Ekiti to  hand over the money to Mr. Fayose who caused the money to be counted by the officials of the bank.

It is after the trial that the Nigerian people whether Mr. Fayose is a common thief or an armed robber. But for now our country is witnessing the reckless looting of the public treasury through dasukigate, fayosegate,  mainagate etc. Gov. Ayodele Fayose

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