The streets of Harare erupted in jubilation as thousands of citizens celebrated the news of President Robert Mugabe's resignation. 

The announcement was made by Parliament’s speaker Jacob Mudenda, which was followed by loud cheers in Parliament

Zimbabweans held up flags as they cried and sang outside the streets. 

Residents say they’re happy now because there is hope for a better future. 

Many expressed that they did not care who became the next president as long as the man who ruled the country for almost four decades stepped down.

Zimbabweans living in South Africa also took to the streets in parts of central Johannesburg in celebration.

Streets in the Hillbrow, an area full of Zimbabwean nationals jubilated as they spread the news to others.

According to the Department of International Relations, President Jacob Zuma who planned a visit to Zimbabwe on Wednesday will go ahead as scheduled.




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