The Nigerian Navy authorities have refused to effect the promotion of 53 senior officers from the rank of Navy Captain to the flag rank of Navy Commodore despite approval by the Naval Board, in some cases, since 2014.  A signal released by the Navy and obtained by SaharaReporters shows the names and ranks of the affected officers. It also shows the dates from which their respective promotion should have taken effect. For some reasons, the officers remain moored on the ranks they should have left behind.

The promotion of four of the officers should have taken effect since September 2014. Those in this category are AS Bakari (NN 1563), KO Ojo (NN 1579), K Pindar (NN 1584) and I. Zelani (NN 1586) whose promotion should have taken effect on 27 September 2014. The category also includes T. Sani, whose promotion was in effect from September 21, 2014. A total of nine officers should have been elevated in 2015. They include S.G Dogo (NN 1567), I.B Olawuyi, T.A Osoba, GT Pwol, A.I Yakubu (NN/1618), L.K Amao (NN/1699) and AD Bingel (NN/1705), whose promotions should have taken effect between September and December 2015.

Nine of the officers were due to have moved to their new rank since 2016. They include DO Tubonimi (NN/1439), GS Abubakar (NN/1509), O.F Esekhile (NN/1521) and A.A Adesanya (NN/1695). The remaining officers, the signal shows, should have had their promotion take effect from as way back as February 2017. Though some of those promoted have their elevation listed as taking effect from dates in December 2017, they may have to stay for as long as others have stayed to move to their new ranks. That, possibly, maybe three or more years.   674NG.pdf Navy Signal


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