Members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN ) has told the federal government that the movement is running out of patience of waiting in limbo for years without any sign of the release of their leader, Sheik Ibrahim El-Zakzaky. 

This was said in a terse message at the end of the three days rally to commemorate two years of the Zaria massacre where hundreds of members of the movement were alleged to have been killed by Nigerian Army in Abuja.

Addressing members of the sect, the leader of the group, Sheik Abdul Hamid Bello noted that it would not reveal the next line of its action, adding that the federal government has stretched its patience beyond necessary and warned President Muhammadu not to test its will.

Bello who addressed the protesters at the National Human Right Commission (NHRC)  explained that it was exactly two years since the Nigerian Army executed its foreign-backed plot in an 'all-out war against the Shiites ' where it killed 1000 + civilians, wounded hundreds, and arrested Sheik Ibrahim Zakzaky, his wife, and several others.

 He accused the government of disobeying the court order to release El-Zakyzaky, noting that the group can no longer wait for eternity.  

" At the end of their two days murderous mission, they left behind corpses of the young, old, and able-bodied men and women in their wake, apart from the wanton destruction of properties worth several hundred millions of naira, " he stated. 

He narrated that the Nigerian Army cannot be described in words when the trained army burnt down human corpses with some even alive to ashes. 

He explained that instead of the government to punish those officers behind the heinous act, the government rewarded them with promotions and all the paraphernalia that goes with their offices. 

He revealed that Zakzaky and wife are still being held in detention in disregard of a court order for the freedom. 

"The government of Buhari is behaving in contempt of the rule of law, telling all and sundry that it is above the law, " he said.  

The group vowed not to relent on its peaceful protest until government set free their leader whose health is fast deteriorating health.

Peaceful IMN worshippers intimidated by army in Katsina State

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