Notable civil righst groups in Nigeria have launched a new anti-corruption campaign with the hope of reaching the elite and locals through an intensive media outreach program. In a statement jointly signed by Chairman of  Human and Environmental Development Agenda (HEDA Resource Centre), Olanrewaju Suraj and Journalists for Democratic Rights (JODER) Executive Director, Adewale Adeoye, the program is aimed at deepening democracy and discouraging corruption and other social ills that hinder the wellness and development of millions of vulnerable Nigerians.

“Corruption is like a cancer. The earlier it is removed the better. Corruption is linked to poverty, violent crimes and extremism which are major threats to individuals no matter the social or economic status. We are glad about the understanding of the media that we need to work together to bring an end to the scourge”, the groups said in the statement.

Under the initiative supported by TRUSTAFRICA, 100,000 pamphlets were distributed across the country through the mainstream media. HEDA and JODER noted in the fliers that fighting corruption is the obligation of men and women, herdsmen of the plain fields, fishermen on the high seas, farmers on the hills and the valleys, teachers, students and children. Every one’s future is tied in one way or the other to how we deal with the scourge of corruption.   

It added that “for sustainable livelihood, corruption must be tackled headlong.  This serves as a clarions call to all democratic institutions, the courts, the law enforcement agencies, the judiciary and the mass of the people to see corruption as an unnecessary evil that must be fought.  The groups aid in recent months, fresh vistas have been opened that must be explored to the brim. The Special -corruption courts  is a welcome development that must be nurtured and promoted. It is a strategic and worthy intervention to ensure cases of corruption draw the full attention of law and spur speedy trials.  It is a demonstration of commitment to fight corruption in a unique way.        Unearthing "cold" High PProfile corruption cases     List of "Cold" High Profile Corruption cases in Nigeria

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