An engineer who simply introduced himself as Ehi Ogbe has likened the decaying state of the infrastructural facilities in the University of Lagos to the state of Nigeria.

The man made the comparison during a conference organized by Initiative for Conciliation and Right Protection at UNILAG guest house, on Wednesday.

Talking about the conference hall where the event took place, he said; “this is supposed to be a citadel of excellence but we don’t see any excellence here. You can see all the walls are falling apart; you can see water running out there."

“In fact, when I saw this very big speaker, I thought to myself, why do they use this kind of speaker in this kind of place. Why can’t you have hidden speakers here, have speakers done by some engineering students here instead of having this big thing around here. In many cases, money has been voted to maintain this place but you can see nothing is being done."

He also complained about lack of descent convenience in the University guest house. He said; “I came here and asked where do I go to the toilet but I was told somewhere there” pointing toward the door, adding that when he finally found a toilet, the space was locked.

“I went to check the toilet, I found out that a big signboard says here is the toilet but the place is locked. So, if somebody here wants to ease himself, he cannot."

The elderly man lamented the rot that has now become Nigeria’s education system, stating that education both in quality and in infrastructure was a lot better during his time as a schoolboy.

“Nigeria was not like this before,” he said.

“It was quite different from what we have now,” he emphasized. 


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