Human rights lawyer, Femi Aborisade, has slammed the Muhammadu Buhari-led administration over he has been ruling the country in a dictatorial way. Mr. Aborisade said that the President has changed the administration of the country from a democracy system into an authoritarian and tyrannical government.

He made the comment when speaking on the continuous harassment of Kassim Afegbua over the statement he released on behalf of Ibrahim Babangida.

The human rights lawyer said that the infamous victimization of Afegbua over the statement openly showed and confirmed the claimed by many that President Buhari and the All Progressives Congress (APC), the party which the President came from, have neglected the constitution and rule of law in how Nigeria is being governed.

He added that recent actions by the Presidency have not portrayed the democracy being practised in Nigeria in a good light.

He said, “It is a sad commentary on our so-called democracy that Afegbua on the basis of having released a public statement on behalf of his boss is being harassed.”

“The harassment Afegbua is facing is condemnable and it showed that Nigeria under APC and Buhari has been transformed from a constitutional democracy into the tyranny and the whims and caprices of the ruler.” He continued.

Aborisade enjoined Civil Society Organizations to continuously stand on the side of the people and not mix with the government. He stressed that the masses should be mobilized and sensitized to always demand their rights from the government.

“Any organization and individual who claim to be fighting for human rights should not hobnob with the government and power that be. They should continuously and consistently stand for the people and the rights of the people.” Femi Aborisade

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